Top 10 Worst and Best Places To See Thunder over Louisville

Published On Apr 17, 2013

Thunder Over LouisvilleLocals always know the best places, but tourists might want to know where the best (and worst) places to watch Thunder over Louisville. Thankfully, our writers have lived within a couple of miles of Churchill Downs for the past two decades. With that in mind, here is their personal list for the top places to go to watch Thunder and the areas you should avoid.

Waterfront Park

The likelihood that you can see the Kentucky Derby from Waterfront Park is excellent considering that the fireworks go off on the edge of the river. The only problem you will have with watching Thunder over Louisville from this location is the crowd and the traffic. This is why many people will come to Waterfront Park long before the event begins. It is popular for entire families to start waiting at 9AM. Despite the long wait, there will be plenty of activities going on during the day while everyone anticipates Thunder.

Downtown towers and hotels

You do not need to know residents of a high-rise apartment building in order to watch Thunder over Louisville from a rooftop. Regardless, you cannot simply show up at a skyscraper in Downtown Louisville and expect access to the roof. You can also forget about that magical parking garage that will be empty and ready for Thunder viewing. What you will find are plenty of offers online to watch Thunder over Louisville from a hotel or high-rise rooftop ticketed event. Included in the ticket prices are often deals for free food and beverages to enjoy during the fireworks.

Private Old Louisville parties

Louisville is a friendly city, and it is not uncommon for tourists to return home and tell the tale of locals that took them in and showed them the sights. Some of the best places to view Thunder over Louisville are private homes in the neighborhood south of Downtown. In many cases, businesses in Old Louisville will have semi private parties for Thunder that are open to the public as long as they RSVP.

Do not forget about Indiana

When you are a tourist, you can easily forget that Indiana is literally across the river from Louisville. This means that it is just as easy to watch Thunder over Louisville in Indiana. What is not easy is getting from Indiana to Louisville after the fireworks concludes. In other words, if you decide to take advantage of this viewpoint, do not forget to book your hotel in Indiana. One other point worth mentioning is that many of the public after parties will not be taking place in Southern Indiana after Thunder. There is also some controversy over whether or not the pedestrian bridge will be open after the 2013 Thunder over Louisville.

Certain types of Thunder boat parties are better

Some of the best pictures of fireworks come from people that are on a boat during Thunder over Louisville. Nevertheless, this method of viewing the big show is a little bit tricky. First of all, you will need to plan in advance to get a spot on a boat. Secondly, it can be difficult for the boats to get an exact position and this means that you may end up with a better view. There are many regulating patrols during this time on the Ohio River, and they may not work with the people operating your boat that are trying to get close to the action. For this reason, many people will opt for a boat that is parked in a marina for viewing Thunder over Louisville.

The five worst places to watch Thunder over Louisville

No one wants to travel all the way to Louisville and pick the worst spot to watch Thunder over Louisville. One of the main issues that you will deal with in a bad Thunder experience is the weather. Unfortunately, too many Thunder events of the past have included cloud coverage. This means that the view is not clear enough to watch from more than a mile away.

Because Mother Nature is unpredictable, you will want to avoid watching Thunder over Louisville from the Highlands, the East End or Churchill Downs. You may also deal with some disappointment if you try to watch the fireworks from one of the one-story homes in the surrounding area. Finally, if you pay a lot of money to rent an airplane to see Thunder, you may be sorely disappointed when lightning or cloud coverage cancels your flight.

Closest Un-Booked Louisville Hotels: Kentucky Derby 2013

Published On Apr 16, 2013

Are you scrambling to find a hotel near Louisville for the 2013 Kentucky Derby? Even if you book your hotel rooms in advance, there can still be a need to have an extra room. Unfortunately, most hotel rooms close to downtown and Churchill Downs will not be available during the month before the race. However, there are still plenty of lodging options within proximity to the city of Louisville.

Areas most likely to be booked

Traveling by car to the Kentucky Derby is an excellent way for extra friends or relatives to invite themselves. If your travel party has last minute additions, you will need to find a place for them to stay overnight. Since Downtown Louisville is only a little over a mile from Churchill Downs, it is unlikely that you will find any hotel rooms in the area. You will also want to avoid the airport because it is also close to the Kentucky Derby location. Other areas likely to be crowded are neighborhoods adjacent to Downtown including the Highlands, Clifton, Saint Matthews, and most of the East End.

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Hotel clusters outside of Louisville

If you look at an online map of Louisville, you soon notice that there are hotel clusters to the south of Louisville. For tourists coming from destinations far away from Kentucky, it can be difficult to figure out if hotels in Bardstown or Shepherdsville are too far away. In particular, there are hotels located in clusters at the Brooks/Hillview exit off of 65 South. While you may need to do a little bit of extra car travel, it is perfectly reasonable for Kentucky Derby tourists to stay at hotels that are between 10 to 30 miles from Louisville’s city limits.

Pros and cons of Southern Indiana hotels

Southern Indiana is literally across the river from Downtown Louisville, and it can seem logical to book a hotel in Southern Indiana because of the proximity. Despite this, New Albany, Jeffersonville, and Clarksville have a few drawbacks during the Kentucky Derby. Mainly, there are only two bridges going to these locations and this means that traffic is fierce. Nevertheless, if you like to walk, a new pedestrian bridge has opened in the past year. Tourists walking from a hotel in Clarksville can expect to walk at least four miles to get to Churchill Downs using the new walkway bridge.

Hotel plan for Kentucky Derby tourists with kids

The Kentucky Derby is considered to be an adult-oriented event. Nonetheless, thousands of people bring their children to watch the momentous race each year. More often than not, parents arrive with their children several days before the race and take them to see the sights. If you are traveling with your family, you are most likely avoiding alcohol, and this gives you a chance to get a cheaper hotel outside of the bar-hopping zones of Downtown Louisville. By staying at hotels in Bardstown and Elizabethtown, you will be able to take the kids to museums, zoos, and horse farms without the extra expense of staying next to the Kentucky Derby action.

A Kentucky Derby hotel warning

When you travel to the region for the first time, you may want to extend your travel to cities surrounding Louisville. For example, in order to see the Kentucky Derby, you book a hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio. The two cities are only 90 miles apart, and driving for a couple of hours seems like a great idea for you and your family. On the other hand, keep in mind that traffic will be extreme for the duration of Kentucky Derby weekend. This means that your two-hour travel time can easily be expanded to four or more hours each way. While it may make a lot of sense to fly into the Cincinnati airport and stay a few days, your weekend hotel bookings for the Kentucky Derby should be closer to Louisville.

Alternatives to a traditional hotel

When all else fails with your attempts to get a hotel room for the Kentucky Derby, there is still one more option. Hotels are the standard for tourists, but they often do not give you the taste of home that you may need. Although there are many ads in classifieds for renting someone’s home for the Kentucky Derby, this is also a good way to not get what you paid for. Instead of risking being swindled and homeless during the 2013 Kentucky Derby, a better option is Airbnb. They have several levels of verification that ensure that you get what is advertised at reasonable prices — and their housing offers are often still available the day before the Kentucky Derby.

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Kentucky Derby Favorites Week 3 Update

Published On Apr 15, 2013

The 2013 Kentucky Derby Favorites Are In Sight

The end of the 2013 Arkansas Derby and the Bluegrass Stakes on Saturday, April 13 means that the world has a pretty good idea of who is going to be on the 2013 Kentucky Derby contenders list! Now that the points have been tallied, the top 20 horses appear to be firmly locked in for May 4, 2013. This means horse betting fans can start serious handicapping and making their own decisions about which horses are the favorites.

Here is an overview of what you missed, who had to drop out, and why your bet depends on watching the two remaining Wild Card races.

Remember, the remaining 2013 Wild Card Kentucky Derby races will take place on:

  • April 20 – Lexington Stakes, Keeneland Racetrack in Lexington, KY
  • April 27 – (Cliff’s Edge) Derby Trial, Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY
  • May 4 – Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY

Should you bother watching the Wild Card races?

The only races that Kentucky Derby horses can earn points for are the Wild Card races. Unlike the Arkansas Derby and Bluegrass Stakes, contenders will not earn 100 points for first place. Instead, they can only earn 20 points for first place, 8 for third, 4 for second, and 2 for fourth place. Regardless of the low point earnings keep in mind that the two remaining races are notable for two particularly good reasons.2013 Kentucky Derby Week 3

First of all, watching the Derby Trial at Churchill Downs on April 27 means you get to see the top points earners in action on the track. It is essentially like watching a preview of the upcoming 2013 Kentucky Derby. This is fantastic news for bettors that want to tighten up their predictions.

Secondly, the contenders list for the 2013 Kentucky Derby is not set in stone. Instead, there are five horses with 20 points each that are looking to land in the top 20. Obviously, a single horse that currently has 20 points can earn 40 points in the two Wild Card races and end up over-powering Falling Sky, Super Ninety Nine, Uncaptured, or Oxbow.

Horses that you should keep your eye on are:

  • Merit Man: 20, Bob Hess, Jr.
  • Charming Kitten: 20, Todd Pletcher
  • Den’s Legacy: 20, Bob Baffert, Garrett Gomez
  • Departing: 20, Al Stall, Jr.
  • Code West : 20, Bob Baffert, Martin Garcia
  • West Hills Giant: 20, John Terranova, Jose Espinoza

Three horses drop out of the top 20

In the past two weeks, three hopefuls threw in the towel after competing over the last eight months in the 2012-2013 Kentucky Derby prep season. Although they earned enough points to be in the top 20, injuries have them sidelined. Naturally, they will all be missed, but some horse racing fans have had their hopes on Shanghai Bobby since he won the two-year old Juvenile Race at the 2012 Breeders’ Cup in November. Other horses dropping out of the race are trainer Jerry Hollendorfer’s Hear The Ghost and Bob Baffert’s Flashback.

Top Kentucky Derby point earners

Are you excited to see who is currently in the running for the top 20? There have been several moves up the list in the past couple of weeks with Orb holding strong in first place with the same 150 points. However, he now has a rival with Verrazano’s recent bump up.

As of April 14, 2013, the following horses have accumulated the most points:

1. Orb: 150 points, Shug McGaughey (trainer), John Velazquez (jockey)

2. Verrazano: 150, Todd Pletcher, John Velazquez

3. Goldencents: 129, Doug O’Neill, Kevin Krigger

4. Java’s War: 122, Kenny McPeek, Willie Martinez

5. Overanalyze: 110, Todd Pletcher, Ramon Dominguez

6. Revolutionary: 110, Todd Pletcher, Ramon Dominguez

7. Lines of Battle: 100, Aiden O’Brien

8. Vyjack: 70, Rudy Rodriguez, Cornelio Velasquez

9. Will Take Charge: 60, D. Wayne Lukas, Jon Court

10. Itsmyluckyday: 50, Edward Plesa Jr., Paco Lopez

11. Governor Charlie: 50, Bob Baffert

12. Black Onyx: 50, Kelly Breen

Hear The Ghost: 50, Jerry Hollendorfer, Corey Nakatani*

13. Palace Malice: 50, Todd Pletcher, Rosie Napravnik

14. Normandy Invasion: 44, Chad Brown

15. Frac Daddy: 44, Doug O’Neill

16. Mylute: 42, Tom Amoss

17. Oxbow: 36, D. Wayne Lukas, Jon Court

18. Uncaptured: 30, Mark Casse, Miguel Mena

Flashback: 30, Bob Baffert, Julien Leparoux*

19. Super Ninety Nine: 30, Bob Baffert, Rafael Bejarano

20. Falling Sky: 30, John Terranova, Jose Espinoza

Shanghai Bobby: 24, Todd Pletcher, Rosie Napravnik*

*Withdrawn from the Kentucky Derby

Tips: 2013 Thunder over Louisville on April 20

Published On Apr 15, 2013

Disappointing news was announced on March 30 concerning Thunder over Louisville 2013. Now that the Blue Angels air show has been cut due to the military budget issues, many Thunder tourists are wondering what they will do all afternoon on April 20 while waiting for the fireworks to begin. Furthermore, first time visitors may not be aware of the traffic issues that Thunder over Louisville creates.

Thankfully, has writers that have lived near Downtown Louisville over the past two decades. In order to make sure that your 2013 Thunder over Louisville is as stress-free as possible, take a look at the following tips.Thunder over Louisville

Do not get trapped in the noise

Even if you are a resident of Louisville, you may not be aware that the Ohio River Valley is an excellent way to trap sound. This means that you will be surrounded by loud noises and amplified music once the fireworks go off after dark. If you or a small child has a problem with this type of noise, you may want to avoid watching Thunder over Louisville on the riverfront. Naturally, your family dog may also want to stay at home instead of partying with you that day.

Expect to need a good pair of walking shoes

You may be able to drive and park in Downtown Louisville for Thunder over Louisville, but you can expect to walk a considerable distance between the two spots. For Thunder, most people will drop off their family at Waterfront Park and then they will go hunting for a parking space. Since Downtown Louisville is a business district, this usually does not take terribly long. Nevertheless, the person parking the car will want to take comfortable walking shoes for the hike. Also, keep in mind that picking up everyone after Thunder over Louisville in the same place you drop them off earlier in the day will not be possible due to the crowds.

Take your own chairs

Waterfront Park in Downtown Louisville is the prime spectator location for Thunder. Each year, this area reaches maximum capacity with blankets and chairs dispersed throughout the great lawn. In order to maintain your spot, you will need to include some strategy. Primarily, you will need someone to stay with your blanket throughout the day. This will allow your party to go to the bathroom, get some food, and walk around to participate in some of the activities.

What to bring to Waterfront Park for Thunder

When you are planning to spend all day at Waterfront Park to watch Thunder over Louisville, it pays to know what you should and should not bring. Helpful items that will make your experience enjoyable are bottled water, a luggage carrier (for transporting items to the park from your car), sun block, an umbrella, sun-blocking hats, snacks, and trash bags. Depending on the weather, you may want to bring a tarp or plastic barrier to sit on. Unhelpful items to bring to Thunder over Louisville include fireworks, grills, and obvious containers of alcohol.

Plan your exit strategy wisely

After Thunder concludes, Louisville is congested with traffic for several hours after the event. Instead of sitting in the car, consider staying in Downtown, Frankfort Avenue, Old Louisville, or the Highlands for the Thunder after-parties. Although many of these parties are related to alcohol, many sit-down restaurants are not following this theme. One popular pedestrian location after Thunder will be Fourth Street Live.

Things for kids to do while waiting for Thunder

Since the Blue Angels will not be having their air show during the afternoon, many parents are wondering what they will do with their kids before the 2013 Thunder over Louisville event. In the past, it was easy to have the kids settle down on the blanket and watch the show. This year, most activities will be disbursed throughout the park. This means that parents might need extra adults for this year’s Thunder to ensure that the afternoon goes smoothly. Along with looking at the Belle of Louisville, the skate park is just around the corner from Waterfront Park. Naturally, in lieu of the air show, entrepreneurs will be likely to offer activities that kids will enjoy.

2013 Foodie Chow Wagon Preview

Published On Apr 13, 2013

As one of the greatest horse racing events of the year, many fans of the Kentucky Derby show up early to enjoy the festivities that kickoff three weeks before it begins. In particular, the Chow Wagon food event held at Waterfront Park in Downtown Louisville is of paramount importance. Sponsored by the Kentucky Derby Festival, it is considered one of the best ways to preview all of the top-notch food that Louisville has to offer. For tourists, there are rare treats that include local Kentucky fare such as pulled pork, barbecued mutton, and a stew called Burgoo. To ensure they you have all of the details, tips for the 2013 Chow Wagon are listed below. Kentucky Derby Chow Wagon

Official Chow Wagon information

Figuring out which restaurants will be participating in the Chow Wagon is always difficult. Part of the allure of the event is anticipating what you are going to eat. However, it is not all surprises and the Kentucky Derby Festival does a terrific job of posting relevant information to the 2013 Chow Wagon Facebook event page. Any official information or sudden changes are likely to be announced there first. The most valuable thing to know is that the Chow Wagon begins on Wednesday, April 24 and lasts until Friday, May 3.

Old favorites at the Kentucky Derby Chow Wagon

Throughout America, the idea of festival food is a little bit different depending on which state you are visiting. For Kentucky, you will have much more than the barbecue and Burgoo specialties that are frequently listed in association with the Chow Wagon. By gleaning information from photographs of past years, it is safe to assume that you will see plenty of funnel cakes and fried butter at the 2013 Chow Wagon.

Special food guests at the Chow Wagon

If you attended the Chow Wagon last year, you probably noticed that there were a large number of notable Louisville food-related guests at the event. For example, Louisville is the place where Bigelow Tea is manufactured, and they usually make a distinct point of showing up at the Chow Wagon. While there are few announcements in advance about freebies, samples, and coupons, do not be surprised if you leave the Chow Wagon with a few extra smiles.

The 2013 Chow Wagon Fest-A-Ville Music Series

Thanks to sponsorship by Kroger’s and Miller Light, the Chow Wagon is able to host music concerts at Waterfront Park. The music begins on Saturday, April 27 (three days after the Chow Wagon opens) and is free of charge. This means that you can eat your food while watching live music. Most of the music events start between 7 PM and 9 PM, and there are six concerts altogether.

More Info Here:

April 27 – 9 PM, Uncle Kracker
April 28 – 7 PM, Christian Contemporary Concert
April 29 – No show (Monday)
April 30 – 9 PM, RhythmFest with Cameo
May 1 – 7 PM, Wild Wednesday with The Features
May 2 – 9 PM, The Wallflowers
May 3 – 8:30 PM, Surprise Country Music Superstar Concert

A few final pieces of Chow Wagon advice

  • The Chow Wagon is open from 11 AM to 11 PM every day except Sunday. Sunday hours are 1 PM to 11 PM.
  • You need to have a 2013 Pegasus Pin to enter the Chow Wagon area.
  • With the exception of service animals, pets are not allowed in the Chow Wagon area.
  • Do not bring your own food or drinks into the Chow Wagon or Fest-A-Ville areas.

Women’s Hat Trends: Kentucky Derby 2013

Published On Apr 12, 2013

Kentucky Derby Womens HatsAre you looking for 2013 trends in women’s Kentucky Derby hats? Celebrating the Kentucky Derby in style means putting on your best hat and placing a bet on the race. Although most Derby hats are sold in Louisville, New York City recently had a Derby hat pop-up shop featuring milliner Brookes Boswell. Obviously, the Internet is an excellent resource for finding the perfect hat, and a little bit of advice is all you need to find one you will treasure.

Latest trends in women’s hats

Besides the occasional winter cap that is worn for warmth, most women do not buy hats. For this reason, it can be difficult to determine which hats are actually in style. After gleaning online style resources, the most frequently mentioned styles of hats for spring 2013 are the Fedora, mini-top hat, and cloche. By adding a few silk flowers, feathers, and bows, these styles of hats are Derby-ready.

Traditional Derby hats for women

Generally, the traditional Derby hats for women include a floppy brimmed style that has one accent color. Adding to this look are lots of bows, feathers, and fake flowers. While some women will want to go with the latest in haute couture, others will specifically look for the floppy Derby hat. Although many online resources have similar hats, has the widest range of wide-brimmed options for 2013.Kentucky Derby Hat


Kentucky local 2013 Derby hats

Do you want an authentic Kentucky Derby hat that is actually made by someone from Kentucky? Most women in Louisville or Lexington will go to Dee’s Crafts to have their hat custom made. While there are some options for buying a hat from Dee’s online, being able to work with a milliner in person is an experience that is hard to trump. For Derby hat lovers outside of the Bluegrass, a popular option is the webpage for Polly Singer from Lexington. Her Derby hats are commonly seen at top horse races throughout the world and are often found in the winners’ circle. Another option popular option is the custom-made couture hats from Louisville’s Gifthorse.

Cheapest women’s hats for Derby with the latest trends

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for a way to save money. When it comes to buying one for the Kentucky Derby, you can stay within your budget and still get a hat that looks fabulous. In particular, has a long list of floppy Derby hats for women for a reasonable price. Although they are not highly decorated, attaching a few silk flowers is all you need to make these hats stand out from all the others. Once the Kentucky Derby is over, you can remove the extra frills and use most of these hats to protect your skin from the summer sun. Kentucky Derby Hats


Do not forget to match your date

Are you planning on attending the Kentucky Derby or a related party with a date? One of the often-overlooked traditions found at Churchill Downs is the matching couple. To emulate this style, the primary accent color of your Kentucky Derby hat and outfit should match what your date is wearing. For example, men will typically wear pastel pants and blazers to the Kentucky Derby. If the man is wearing the lilac, the woman supports her pastel date by wearing the same color as much as possible.

Five Ways to Bet on the Kentucky Derby

Published On Apr 11, 2013

The Kentucky Derby is primarily about placing bets for money, but it is also a good way to participate in other types of betting events. For example, you can still do your own handicapping without betting for money. You can also throw a party for fans excited about doing their handicapping research to predict a Kentucky Derby winner. Between the two extremes of betting and not betting, there are five ways to place a horse racing bet for the Kentucky Derby 2013.

5. Formal online free games

Kentucky Derby Wagering WinningsEach year you can count on advertisers to invent Kentucky Derby-related games that awards you prizes. Due to the strict gambling laws in the United States, most of these free online Kentucky Derby games do not include cash. Instead, there are prizes that are usually awarded to registered users in a lottery-style system. If you want to tests your handicapping skills, these free online Derby games may not be what you are looking for.

4. Start your own free Kentucky Derby game

No one wants to get accused of being a bookie, but there are several ways to bet on the Kentucky Derby at home with your friends. As long as no money is formally collected, you are welcome to create a competition with your friends about which horse will win the 2013 Kentucky Derby. In fact, many Louisville residents hold these types of parties each year and award prizes to the first place winner. For those party-goers that want to bet for money, most will access an online gambling account that accepts wagers for the Kentucky Derby.

3. Charity fundraising handicapping party

Do you support a charity that is always looking for a good fundraiser? Depending on the city that you live in, you can start your own Kentucky Derby game for charity that awards real cash prizes to amateur handicappers. However, one of the best ways to follow the rules is to keep a Kentucky Derby theme, throw a Derby hat party, and offer a cash raffle for a prize.

2. Placing your bet offline at Churchill Downs

Do you have tickets to the 2013 Kentucky Derby? Naturally, ticket holders will be able to place a bet in person at the Churchill Downs facility the day of the big event. Regardless, betting offline at Churchill Downs may not be the experience you were expecting. In the past, placing a bet meant standing in line to give money to a teller. After you placed a wager, they would give you a betting slip. Today, one of the most common ways to place a bet at Churchill Downs is with the ATM-style wagering machines. This is especially popular with anyone that wants a printed out betting slip as a souvenir. One of the disadvantages to this style of offline betting is not being able to change your bet quickly.

1. Online Kentucky Derby bets are the best option

If you have a smartphone or a laptop, you have all the tools you need to place a Kentucky Derby bet online this year. Although most gamblers will wait until the day of the race, it is best to set up an online betting account in advance. After all, you do a lot of work to figure out which horse is most likely to win. In other words, it would undoubtedly be unfortunate if your credit card had trouble on the day you finally decided to place your Kentucky Derby bet. More often than not, you can avoid this type of stress by opening your account at least a week in advance and placing a test bet on a current horse racing event.

2013 Kentucky Derby: Five Week Four Updates

Published On Apr 8, 2013

News headlines from the month before the 2013 Kentucky Derby are proving to be just as thrilling as the race itself. Most importantly, the contenders list is beginning to shape up with only seven wins left in the Kentucky Derby prep race lineup. Along with better picks from prominent odds speculators, Kentucky Derby-related news has revealed a secret to Kentucky Derby winners that every gambler must know.

Secret and unusual Kentucky Derby pick tip

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to figure out which horse will win the Kentucky Derby because too many of the variables are similar. For example, many of the top contenders from the 2013 Kentucky Derby prep race season have the same trainers or have recently used the same jockeys. Moreover, horses with bloodlines that have previous Kentucky Derby winners in their ancestry are not always a good way to discern which horse will finish in first place.Kentucky Derby Weekly Update

However, the Iowa Times-Republican newspaper recently reported one clear indicator that a horse is likely to win the Kentucky Derby. Although he is only 54, scientist Gary Pusillo has provided nutrition for 14 Kentucky Derby winners. This includes the 2012 Kentucky Derby winner, I’ll Have Another. So far, news sources have not revealed which horses are using Pusillo for the 2013 Kentucky Derby. Nevertheless, you can expect the writers from to reveal this potential betting tip as soon as it is leaked.

Goldencents is a 2013 Kentucky Derby contender

Although there are still seven races in the next month before the Kentucky Derby, Goldencents has secured his place in the top 20. As the winner of the 2013 Santa Anita Derby on April 6, Goldencents is destined for the contenders list, but time will tell if he is a finisher in the top three for the Kentucky Derby.

A second contender for the 2013 Derby

Horse racing headlines have been swarming with the rivalry between Vyjack and Verrazano. Bringing this tension to an end, Verrazano was triumphant and took the first place spot at the 2013 Wood Memorial on April 6. Now Verrazano joins Goldencents as part of the small group of horses that bettors can evaluate for the 2013 Kentucky Derby winners circle.

Pick experts shape up their lists

In Louisville, all local horse bettors check with Jennie Rees at the Courier-Journal for their Churchill Downs news. This year, she has joined up with nine other horse racing professionals to give their opinion on 2013 Kentucky Derby odds. The Top 10 Poll voters for week 7 frequently mentions Orb as a top contender.

Shanghai Bobby is feeling weird

After winning the 2012 Breeders’ Cup, everyone had their eye on Shanghai Bobby. Sadly, his trainer, Todd Pletcher, has decided that he needs to be rested and will miss the 2013 Kentucky Derby. Regardless, this does not mean Shanghai Bobby is finished in 2013. Instead, he will gear up for some of the races “later in the season” — which may include the Belmont Stakes.

Buying Weird Hats for the 2013 Kentucky Derby

Published On Apr 4, 2013

In order to celebrate the Kentucky Derby, many people will buy a new hat. While some are searching for something fashionable and classy, others are following a humorist tradition. Over time, the weird Kentucky Derby hat has become a trend that merchants are happy to accommodate. Of course, bettors often initiate a new hat for the Kentucky Derby in hopes that it will become their lucky hat for the next year.

Obviously, having a funny hat as your lucky betting hat is something we take seriously at In addition to learning about gambling and the Kentucky Derby, our website also keeps up with the latest bizarre hat trends available online. A few of our favorites for 2013 are listed below.

Understanding weird hat trends of the past

For some, wearing a strange looking hat is an art form. In order to make sure your hat is unique, it pays to understand trends for odd hats over the past few years. Rounding up the best of the classics is the Girls Wearing Hats blog. Along with giving you an idea of what to avoid, this photo compilation will have you laughing out loud.

Weird Kentucky Derby Hats

The Piper Middleton hat trend continues

Kate Middleton’s sister made quite a splash when she wore a bizarre looking hat for the royal wedding. A couple of years later, strange hats that are supposed to be fancy are likely to make their way to Kentucky Derby fans. Showing several examples of how this is already an ongoing trend is Odd Stuff Magazine’s photos series on creative hats. However, the real trick it is to find an oddball beauty like this for sale.

Thankfully, has the answers.

bizarre hats

Steam Punk trend for weird and luxurious Kentucky Derby hat originals

There is one marketplace online that has a long history of being quirky. Featuring thousands of unique crafters, gives eccentrics a chance to purchase a memorable Kentucky Derby hat that no one else will be wearing. In particular, a seller by the name of Something Fancy Design has a mix of odd and elegant that represents both extremes of the Kentucky Derby hat experience. The way that this seller is able to appeal to a large audience is by incorporating the Steam Punk trend. Steam Punk is well-known for being focused on the weird side of luxury, and related items are likely to find their place this year at the 2013 Kentucky Derby. In particular, look out for beautifully decorated mini top hats.

fancy design hat

Weird upgrade for recycled fascinators

The 2012 Kentucky Derby highlighted fascinators instead of hats for women. Typically, hats are the foundation for a lot of feathers and bows. Instead of using a hat, the feathers and bows were attached to the hair with a headband or clip. This year, the trend for hats in general is the close-fitting cloche or mini-top hat. Sadly, many of these hats are extremely homely and far from the oddball look most women want for their Kentucky Derby hat. In order to add more pizzazz, many women in Louisville, Kentucky report that they are planning to fasten their fascinator from last year to a plain hat. This style is being referred to as the “Mad Hatter” look that refers to the story “Alice in Wonderland.” The results are intended to be a subtle form of unique. Good examples of Mad Hatter Kentucky Derby hats are found at Derby Facinator

Weird Kentucky Derby hats for men in 2013

The crocheted beard hat has been circulating throughout the internet for a few years. This curious hat is undeniably weird but hardly unique enough for the shock you will want to create at a Kentucky Derby party. To find the best weird men’s hats for this year’s celebration, the 2013 Men’s Fashion Week in London has some of the strangest hats in history. A slideshow from the reveals hats made out of piles of broken wood and headgear that looks like a child made it out of an old oatmeal container. For those of us that cannot afford these designer oddities, history offers an obvious solution. Mainly, the biggest ongoing trend for weird men’s Kentucky Derby hats is to collect miniature plastic items and glue them to a men’s hat.


2013 Kentucky Derby Favorites

Published On Apr 2, 2013

In the past, the Kentucky Derby was operating on a system that meant no one knew which horses would run in the race until the week before it happened. Now, a tournament bracket system is in effect, and this means that bettors have an edge on 2013 Kentucky Derby favorites in advance. A month before the race, about 30 horses have risen to the top of the ranks. While it is not set in stone, the possibility that 20 of these horses will make the cut for the big race is high.

Naturally, when it is time to place your Kentucky Derby bet, this website is here to help. Whether you need to understand gambling, how to place a bet online, or need a complete list of Kentucky Derby contenders, we are here to get you started.

The Last Leg of the Prep Race season

The most prestigious races of the Kentucky Derby prep race season occur in the six weeks before it begins. Although the first prep races were in September 2012, the number of points awarded to these winners was low. However, each of the winners from the last six weeks of racing before the Kentucky Derby will be awarded 100 points for first place, 40 for second, 20 for third and 10 for fourth place.

The final races for the 2012-2013 Kentucky Derby prep race season are:

  • March 30 – Florida Derby
  • March 30 – UAE Derby
  • March 30 – Louisiana Derby
  • April 6 – Wood Memorial
  • April 6 – Santa Anita Derby
  • April 13 – Arkansas Derby
  • April 13 – Bluegrass Stakes

Keep in mind that there are also two final Wild Card races that close the Kentucky Derby prep race season. Horses that win that race will be given 20 points for first place, eight for second place, four for third place, and two points for fourth place.

The 2013 Wild Card Kentucky Derby races will take place on:

  • April 20 – Lexington Stakes
  • April 27 – Derby Trial

Top 35 Kentucky Derby point earners

The Kentucky Derby tournament bracket system makes spotting the winners much easier. So far, the Kentucky Derby has ramped several stars into the spotlight along with their trainers and jockeys. Obviously, some of these contenders, trainers, and jockeys are mentioned repeatedly — hinting at their prominence in the horse racing world. Of course, each step of the way, we will be here to provide you with helpful advice about placing Kentucky Derby bets, selecting the right horses, and setting up your first online wagering account complete with our exclusive sign-on bonuses.

As of March 31, 2013, the following horses have accumulated the most points:

1. Orb: 150 points, Shug McGaughey (trainer), John Velazquez (jockey)

2. Revolutionary: 110, Todd Pletcher, Ramon Dominguez

3. Lines of Battle: 100, Aiden O’Brien

4. Will Take Charge: 60, D. Wayne Lukas, Jon Court

5. Itsmyluckyday: 50, Edward Plesa Jr., Paco Lopez

6. Vyjack: 50, Rudy Rodriguez, Cornelio Velasquez

7. Governor Charlie: 50, Bob Baffert

8. Black Onyx: 50, Kelly Breen

9. Verrazano: 50, Todd Pletcher, John Velazquez

10. Hear The Ghost: 50, Jerry Hollendorfer, Corey Nakatani

11. Mylute: 42, Tom Amoss

12. Oxbow: 36, D. Wayne Lukas, Jon Court

13. Uncaptured: 30, Mark Casse, Miguel Mena

14. Flashback: 30, Bob Baffert, Julien Leparoux

15. Goldencents: 29, Doug O’Neill, Kevin Krigger

16. Shanghai Bobby: 24, Todd Pletcher, Rosie Napravnik

17. Java’s War : 22, Kenny McPeek, Willie Martinez

18. Merit Man: 20, Bob Hess, Jr.

19. Den’s Legacy: 20, Bob Baffert, Garrett Gomez

20. Falling Sky: 20, John Terranova, Jose Espinoza

21. Departing: 20, Al Stall, Jr.

22. Code West : 20, Bob Baffert, Martin Garcia

23. West Hills Giant: 20, John Terranova, Jose Espinoza

24. Golden Soul: 14, Dallas Stewart

25. Dynamic Sky: 13, Mark Casse, Luis Contreras

26. Speak Logistics: 11, Joel Rosario, Eddie Plesa Jr.

27. Overanalyze: 10, Todd Pletcher, Ramon Dominguez

28. Super Ninety Nine: 10, Bob Baffert, Rafael Bejarano

29. Power Broker: 10, Bob Baffert, Rafael Bejarano

30. Abraham: 10, Todd Pletcher

31. Giant Finish: 10, Tony Dutrow

32. Palace Malice: 10, Todd Pletcher, Rosie Napravnik

33. Elnaawi: 10, Kiaran McLaughlin, Channing Hill

34. Tiz A Minister: 10, Paul Aguirre, Garrett Gomez

35. Texas Bling: 9, Danele Durham