Online Racebooks

So you want to place a wager on the Kentucky Derby but you dont want to drive all the way to Louisville? Thankfully Churchill Downs and several other reputable US-Based companies offer licensed online racebooks where you can place your bets on your favorite horses. strives to bring unbiased reviews of the best online racebooks. We will only review betting sites that are A+ rated and allow for fast deposit and payouts. When you place a bet on any of the below sites you can be assured a speedy payout for your winnings

What to expect from a racebook

Online, there are many betting sites that have sporting events from around the world. When you look around their websites, you will see that they have a tab for racebooks, sports books, casinos, and usually a free contest. Along the sides you will find places to play poker for free and other types of betting options.

Clicking on the racebook option will bring you to a page that links you out to major races, horseracing, and wagering info. When you go to the wagering page, they will often show you their betting specialties such as superfectas and 2-12 horse parlays.

Racebooks for the Kentucky Derby

When you cannot attend the major horse races in person, the first idea people have for betting on them is to go directly to the racetrack webpage. However, the Churchill Downs website states that Kentucky Derby bets cannot be placed through their website. Instead, they recommend that you go to a third party racebook.

Almost all racebooks will have tabs for the major horse races such as the Kentucky Derby and the Breeder’s Cup. Regardless, you cannot bet on these races throughout the year. Instead, you will need to wait until the Kentucky Derby betting lines are officially open. When the time is right, you can contribute to the same betting pool that is used by bettors that bought their tickets directly from the grounds of Churchill Downs.

Does it matter that I am in the United States?

Often, bettors get put off by online searches for racebooks. Part of that issue is in the inability to find an American racebook. In other words, it does not feel secure or legal when everything is written in British pounds, or Euros. Unfortunately, there is not enough attention placed on singling out the best racebooks for Americans. Regardless, look for the American flag and you will know the you are in good hands.

Mac accessible racebooks are here

Over the past few years, the smartphone has changed the way that racebooks operate online. One of the ways that they are keeping up with the times is to make a separate web page that supports smartphones and keeps web users entertained.

American racebook web sites will have a link that is displayed on the main page that specifically targets those using a smart phone. There are also six main web sites that are especially designed to support Apple Mac users.

Choosing between racebooks

When you start to decide which of the racebooks are supported in the United States, your next decision can be the most difficult. Due to the competition, there are many promotions that each racebook will offer.

Some of promotions can be your favorite types of wagers such as exacta boxes or superfecta wheels. If you know that you want every single wager to be one of these and that racebook has a specialty for them, you may decide to choose that racebook website. Either way, once you make a decision, the next thing to do is to fund your bankroll.

Deposting your bankroll on racebook websites

One of the major hang-ups of those who do not use technology is placing a wager without visiting the track. In these cases, they are willing to pay a higher cost in order to place their wagers on the phone. Usually, they may pay their wager by check.

Nonetheless, if you have access to the internet and a credit card, you are on your way to saving money on transaction fees and extra skimming from your winnings by using an online racebook. One thing to keep in mind is that an American racebook company is less likely to accept payment from overseas.

What happens if my racebook is illegal?

Even if we do our homework, there are still ways that we can accidentally get involved with the wrong website. If this happens to you, do not worry. Any laws that are regulated by the U.S. Government do not penalize the people using the websites. Instead, they go for the creators of these illegal websites.

They may choose to block it or your internet provider may send you a red flag warning. Otherwise, you will find these kinds of situations are rare and the only thing you will need to worry about is which of the racebooks online to view the best deals for your betting style.