2013 Triple Crown Betting: What to Expect

Published On May 13, 2013

The Triple CrownIf you love getting huge payouts on events like the Kentucky Derby, stay tuned for the five weeks afterward for the 2013 Triple Crown. Simply put, the Triple Crown is an attempt to break a three-race record. It begins with the Kentucky Derby, but betting does not start to gain steam until the winner of the Derby also wins the Preakness. Naturally, if you can place a bet on whether or not the Triple Crown will hit in 2013, you can win the biggest payout of your life. For this reason, knowing more about this event can help you place better bets.

Why the Triple Crown is important for bettors

The Belmont Stakes, Preakness and Kentucky Derby make up the three races of the Triple Crown. These races have been important for the past 14 decades; however, it is only in the past 100 years that they have been complementarily scheduled to create the Triple Crown event. If a horse wins all three races, they have a Triple Crown victory. This does not happen very often, and the anticipation for bettors can reach a boiling point. This is especially true if a horse wins the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. The wagering before the final race at the Belmont Stakes often has a betting pool that rivals the Kentucky Derby. In addition to bets placed on the winner of the Belmont Stakes, there may also be a separate bet for the Triple Crown victory.

The Triple Crown drought

Sadly, there has not been a Triple Crown winner since Affirmed won in 1978. Many speculations have been made, but few expert opinions can verify why this four-decade long Triple Crown drought has occurred. Nevertheless, one theory that has emerged is that inbreeding within the Thoroughbred population is to blame. There are also several supporting arguments that show the latest crop of Thoroughbreds are some of the slowest on record. All of these speculations make it difficult to decide how to place a Triple Crown bet.

2013 Derby-Preakness doubles betting

Will the winner of the 2013 Kentucky Derby also win the Preakness? If this happens, it will be referred to as a double in the history books. For example, I’ll Have Another is a Derby-Preakness double because he won both races in 2012. Without a doubt, there will be a bet available before the Preakness to see if the same horse will win the Preakness and the Derby. If the winner of the Kentucky Derby loses the Preakness, there will not be as much Triple Crown betting afterward. On the other hand, if this same horse wins the first two races, the Belmont Stakes will be particularly popular with bettors. In addition to a hefty Belmont Stakes betting pool that is fueled by a Triple Crown fire, there will also be separate bets for the Triple Crown win.

Preakness-Belmont doubles and Derby-Belmont doubles

Winning two out of three legs of the Triple Crown is quite an accomplishment, and this affects bettors in certain ways. Obviously, the most profitable scenarios are going to include betting on a horse that wins the Preakness and Kentucky Derby to win the Belmont Stakes. Nonetheless, do not forget that there will also be bets on a Kentucky Derby-Belmont Stakes double even if the winner of the Derby fails at the Preakness.

Betting on the 2013 Triple Crown

If you did not set up an online betting account for the Kentucky Derby, now is your chance. We provide a number of great reviews on race books at this website and have other tips for setting up an account. We also have special instructions about Kentucky Derby betting. The same advice we give for the Derby goes for Triple Crown wagering. Mainly, the main idea is that you follow schedules closely in order to place an online bet successfully. For instance, two dates that you will need to know for 2013 Triple Crown betting are May 18 (Preakness) and June 8 (Belmont Stakes).

Winners of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Horseracing

  • 1919 Sir Barton
  • 1930 Gallant Fox
  • 1935 Omaha
  • 1937 War Admiral
  • 1941 Whirlaway
  • 1943 Count Fleet
  • 1946 Assault
  • 1948 Citation
  • 1973 Secretariat
  • 1977 Seattle Slew
  • 1978 Affirmed

2013 Belmont Stakes: Betting Information

Published On May 10, 2013

Are you trying to get your bets prepared for the 2013 Belmont Stakes? The Kentucky Derby is the biggest betting pool in the United States each year, but the Belmont Stakes also has payouts that you will not want to overlook. In order to get your wagers placed on time and win big, a brief outline on what to expect from the 2013 Belmont Stakes is all you need.Belmont Stakes 2013

History of the Belmont Stakes

Most people are not aware that the Triple Crown is run in an order from youngest to eldest. The Kentucky Derby is held first each year, and it is the youngest race of the three. The oldest and final horse race in the Triple Crown are the Belmont Stakes. It was first held in 1867 and has been run 143 out of the past 145 years. The only two years that the Belmont Stakes were canceled was 1911 and 1912. The typical capacity at this racetrack is about 32,000, but it can swell up to over 100,000 during the Belmont Stakes. On the other hand, attendance at the 2013 Kentucky Derby was over 150,000. Thankfully, the same attitude toward attendance is not paid toward Belmont Stakes betting.

Where is the Belmont Stakes held?

Currently, the Belmont Stakes is held at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York, but this was not always the case. The first Belmont Stakes race was actually held 15 miles away in Brooklyn in 1867. In 1890, the race moved from Jerome Park to the Morris Park Racecourse. The Belmont Stakes finally moved to its current location in May of 1905.

When is the 2013 Belmont Stakes?

As the third leg of the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes is always held after the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. You will find it on the calendar each year on a Saturday between June 5 and June 11. This year, the 2013 Belmont Stakes will be run on Saturday, June 8, 2013. Unlike the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, the post time for the Belmont Stakes is listed closer to the day of the race. However, the times for the 13 races held on the same day at Belmont Park start at 11am and end at 10pm. The Belmont Stakes is the eleventh race held that day.

What about tickets to the Belmont Stakes 145?

You do not need to attend the Belmont Stakes in order to bet on it, but if you want to watch the race in person; you are in luck. The tickets to the Preakness and Kentucky Derby tend to be expensive and difficult to obtain. Alternatively, tickets to the Belmont Stakes are extremely cheap and easy to come by. Sadly, this all changes when there is a possible Triple Crown victory underway. This means that getting tickets with a reserved seat to the 2013 Belmont Stakes should be purchased before the Preakness begins. Tip: Keep in mind that tickets for “admission” to the Belmont Stakes are not the same as reserved seat tickets.

2013 Belmont Stakes tips for bettors

Belmont Stakes BettingThis year, the organizers of the Belmont Stakes are luring bettors to place a wager on the other races occurring that day. In particular, Race 6 and Race 8 will offer a guaranteed $1 million betting pool. To get the guarantee, bet the Pick 6 for Race 6 and the Pick 4 for Race 8. Otherwise, you can expect to place 2013 Belmont Stakes bets on race day. Moreover, do not be surprised if your betting website does not offer betting on the race until the day it begins.

Belmont Stakes 145 contenders list

Traditionally, the Belmont Stakes will release the contenders for the race after the Preakness is run. This puts bettors at a disadvantage and appears to make it difficult to figure out how to start handicapping the race early. If the lack of information about the Belmont Stakes 2013 contenders list has you feeling gloomy, remember that it most of the horses that ran in the Kentucky Derby and Preakness will also be present at the Belmont Stakes. So far, a short list of horses that will be running at the 2013 Preakness includes Orb, Oxbow, Will Take Charge, Goldencents, Departing, Govenor Charlie, Mylute, Itsmyluckyday, Vyjack, and Normandy Invasion.

Winners of the Belmont Stakes from the past 10 years

  • 2012 Union Rags
  • 2011 Ruler on Ice
  • 2010 Drosselmeyer
  • 2009 Summer Bird
  • 2008 Da’Tara
  • 2007 Rags to Riches
  • 2006 Jazil
  • 2005 Afleet Alex
  • 2004 Birdstone
  • 2003 Empire Maker
  • 2002 Sarava

2013 Preakness Stakes: Betting Information

Published On May 10, 2013

Are you looking for important betting information related to the 2013 Preakness Stakes? After the Kentucky Derby, the next major event in horse racing in the United States is the Preakness. Without a doubt, this race is extremely exciting because of its relationship to the Triple Crown. To get all of your facts straight so that you are ready to place your bets, here is the pertinent 138 Preakness Stakes information that you will need.2013 Preakness

When is the 2013 Preakness

Placing a bet on the Preakness means knowing exactly when it starts and what date it is on. Because it is part of the Triple Crown, it is held before the Belmont Stakes and after the Kentucky Derby. Each year, you can expect the Preakness to occur on the third Saturday in May. The first races of the day begin at noon, but the actual Preakness Stakes has a post time of 6:00-6:20 pm EST. For 2013, the Preakness Stakes will be held on May 18.

Where is the Preakness?

The Preakness Stakes started in 1873 – two years before the Kentucky Derby was inaugurated. Although there were a few years that it was not raced, it has been held at Pimlico Racecourse in Baltimore, Maryland for the past 138 out of 140 years. The Preakness is named after a horse that won the first race at Pimlico, the Dinner Party Stakes, on October 25, 1870. If you want to find live coverage of the race, it is being broadcast on NBC starting at 4:30 pm EST.

Preakness tickets and cheap deals

The Kentucky Derby is well-known for its pricey seating and luxury lifestyle. Is the same true for the Preakness Stakes? There are a lot of similarities between how people celebrate the Preakness and the Derby, but ticket prices are where they deviate. All of the Derby grandeur is still available at Pimlico, but tickets and cheap deals are much more likely than at the Kentucky Derby. One similarity that always fits every budget tourists price guidelines is the Pimlico Preakness Infield ticket. Unlike Louisville’s Infield party, Baltimore turns this into an event that can only be rivaled by Mardi Gras. Leading the way to Preakness victory are Infield mascots: UniCarl and Kegasus.

2013 Preakness tips for bettors

While getting an online betting account for the Preakness is very quick and easy to do, it takes a little bit more time to get adjusted to a betting website’s features. If you did not sign up for an account for the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes gives you a chance to reap the rewards of one of the largest betting pools you will have access to all year. If you log on now and do not see anything about the Preakness, do not worry because you will be able to place your bets on the day of the race. In the case of a scratch, no contenders will be added to the list 24 hours before the race.

2013 Preakness Stakes Contenders

With only a couple of weeks until the race begins, the contenders list for the Preakness Stakes 2013 is not filled. So far, there are 10 contenders that were present at the 2013 Kentucky Derby. While the Kentucky Derby had 21 contenders, it appears that the Preakness Stakes will only have 14. The other four contenders will be announced close to the time of the race.

The contenders for the 2013 Preakness Stakes are:

  • Orb
  • Oxbow
  • Will Take Charge
  • Goldencents
  • Departing
  • Govenor Charlie
  • Mylute
  • Itsmyluckyday
  • Vyjack
  • Normandy Invasion

Horse Racing Results: Winner Kentucky Derby 2013

Published On May 4, 2013

The official winner of the 139th Kentucky Derby is #16 Orb, finishing in 2 minutes 2.89 seconds! 

Joining in the victory is trainer Shug McGaughey, owners Phipps Stable and Stuart Janney III, and jockey Joel Rosario.

After a long day of rain and overcast skies, the 139th Kentucky Derby was run on time at 6:24pm on May 4, 2013.  According to the Churchill Downs PR, the attendance was 151,616 and the official winner of the Kentucky Derby 139 is Orb.

As for Kentucky Derby horse racing results, coming in the top four positions are:

  • #16 Orb (Win)
  • #4 Golden Soul (Place)
  • #3 Revolutionary (Show)
  • #5 Normandy Invasion

Kentucky Derby 139 winner recap

Without a doubt, this was one of the biggest years for Churchill Downs with fans cheering in the Infield and the Grandstands.  Coverage by NBC shows that the other 10 races preceding the 2013 Kentucky Derby were also a slippery mess because of rain.

Horse racing results 2013 Kentucky Derby

News for bettors includes payouts on the straight win bets, trifectas and more.  In the list below, you will see how much money everyone will be winning on their Kentucky Derby horse for 2013.

  • #16 Orb: Win $12.80; Place $7.40; Show $5.40
  • # 4 Golden Soul: Place $38.60 and Show $19.40
  • #3 Revolutionary: Show $5.40
  • $2 Exacta for 16-4 pays $981.60
  • $1 Trifecta for 16-4-3 pays $3,462.80
  • $1 Superfecta for 16-4-3-5 pays $28,542.00

2013 Kentucky Derby winning contenders

Now that we know who has won the Kentucky Derby, the next steps of the Triple Crown Races include the Preakness and Belmont Stakes. Although there may be some surprises, the top 10 winners of the Kentucky Derby are usually favorites for the Preakness and Belmont stakes.  If Orb wins all three races in the Triple Crown, it will be the first time since 1978 that this has occurred. The next challenge will be the Preakness and it goes without saying that winning two parts of the 2013 Triple Crown races will be enough to send bets soaring.

In other words, Kentucky Derby betting is not over yet. To stay in touch with all of the finer points of the handicapping the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes, stay tuned for our Triple Crown betting updates.

Kentucky Derby 2013 Results

Position Horse Lengths Behind
1st Place #16 Orb
2nd Place # 4 Golden Soul 2 and 1/2
3rd Place #3 Revolutionary 3 and 1/2
4th Place #5 Normandy Invasion 3 and 1/2
5th Place #6 Mylute 3 and 1/2
6th Place #2 Oxbow 9 and 1/2
7th Place #11 Lines of Battle 11 and 1/2
8th Place #17 Will Take Charge 12
9th Place #15 Charming Kitten 13
10th Place #7 Giant Finish 13
11th Place #9 Overanalyze 13
12th Place #10 Palace Malice 13 and 1/4
13th Place #19 Java’s War 15 and 1/4
14th Place #14 Verrazano 15 and 1/2
15th Place #12 Itsmyluckyday 22
16th Place #18 Frac Daddy 24
17th Place #8 Goldencents 49 and 1/4
18th Place #20 Vyjack 52 and 1/2
19th Place #13 Falling Sky 52 and 3/4

Maryam Louise’s Picks for the 2013 Kentucky Derby

Published On May 4, 2013

2013 Kentucky Derby PicksAs a writer for Kentucky Derby.org, I take my Kentucky Derby picks seriously. Since I was a child growing up in Western Kentucky in the 1980s, I have shared the Kentucky Derby weekend with my birthday. Unfortunately, I have developed a lifelong habit of choosing my favorite horse for the Kentucky Derby based on a long list of sympathies that I developed by reading in Louisville’s daily Courier-Journal horse racing column. After years of doing research writing about horse racing, betting, and the Kentucky Derby, it is time for me to put my money where my mouth is.

For the 139th Kentucky Derby, I have developed a strategy for my bets that will hopefully allow me to show off my handicapping skills to others. Will my investment pay off? We will find out after the Kentucky Derby is run on May 4, 2013. If I hit it big, I will keep you posted about how I spend my money for my 36th birthday on May 5th. Fingers crossed, I will eat my betting victorious birthday dinner at the finest restaurant in Louisville.

Last years betting payouts affect this year’s strategy

The 2012 Kentucky Derby betting payouts were tremendous outside of your typical win, place, and show bets. This definitely made me think that I needed to diversify the way I split up the $50 I had to bet on the race. For example, the $1 Daily Double paid out $408.80 and the $1 Pick Three paid out $1648.70. Instead of betting on a few different favorites in several different ways, I am going to try my chances with as many horses as possible. This means I will be randomly selecting some of my 2013 Kentucky Derby picks based on a lot of different hunches.

My methods of the handicapping the 2013 Kentucky Derby

Figuring out which horses will win the Kentucky Derby is never easy. Many people will look at the morning workout videos or watch past races where horses are running on similar track conditions. Other people will say that watching races where the horses have raced against each other before is the best way to prove the Kentucky Derby winner.

However, I tend to notice that Kentucky Derby winners are clever. In particular, a video emerged last year before the Kentucky Derby with I’ll Have Another playing with his owner. She is in a motorized wheelchair, and he is picking up her newspaper like they are old friends. For this reason, I am looking at Revolutionary as my 2013 Kentucky Derby favorite to win.

My love for Revolutionary emerged when I was watching a video of him getting a bath. He seemed to love being handled by groomers and did not fidget like the other horses. He also recently won the Louisiana Derby with most of the current contenders for the 2013 Kentucky Derby. He might not be everyone’s favorite, but I am definitely going to include him in some of my exotic bets.

My final betting strategy for the 139th Kentucky Derby

I feel like that having multiple strategies, and multiple bets ensure that you eventually win something. For example, I am definitely going to place a few dollars down on Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway’s 2013 Kentucky Derby pick, Normandy Invasion. I think he will come in the top three, but I am not sure which order, so I will bet for him to win, place, or show to cover all of the top three options. I am also going to make a win, place, or show bet for each of the long shots: Golden Soul, Charming Kitten, and Oxbow. Long shots easily payout enough to make them a good part of a solid betting strategy.

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Exotic wagering for the 2013 Kentucky Derby

2013 Kentucky Derby PayoutsOne final area that I will need to cover in order to have a profitable betting strategy is to include a few exotic wagers. Although there is a lot of advice presented about the perfect picks, I always end up going with a hunch for exotic betting. Since I give myself a gambling limit, I randomly select some horses and leave the rest up to the universe.

Nevertheless, I am pretty sure this is going to be my betting card for the 139 Kentucky Derby on May 4, 2013:

  • $3 WPS: Charming Kitten, Golden Soul, Oxbow, Normandy Invasion, Orb, Revolutionary, Mylute
  • $1 Pick Three: Orb, Revolutionary, Normandy Invasion
  • $1 Daily Double: Normandy Invasion, Orb
  • $1 Daily Double: Orb, Revolutionary
  • $1 Daily Double: Normandy Invasion, Orb
  • $1 Superfecta: Charming Kitten, Orb, Revolutionary, Normandy Invasion
  • $1 Superfecta: Mylute, Orb, Normandy Invasion, Charming Kitten

Betting The 139th Kentucky Derby

Published On May 4, 2013

Betting The 139th Kentucky DerbyHave you already signed up for your online betting account for the 2013 Kentucky Derby? Unless you are at Churchill Downs on the day of the race to pay with cash, you will need to have an online form of betting set up for your Kentucky Derby bet. Otherwise, we have all of the relevant information that you will need to place a profitable wager on the Run for the Roses.

Basics for placing a bet for the 2013 Kentucky Derby

Date: Saturday, May 4, 2013

Time: 6:24pm EST

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Track: Churchill Downs

Distance: 1 1/4 Mile Track

Betting Terminology

Win – Bet to win race

Place – Bet to finish first or second

Show – Bet to finish first, second, or third

Exacta – Pick exactly which horses will finish first and second

Trifecta – Pick exactly which horses will finish first, second, and third

Superfecta – Pick exactly which horses will finish first, second, third, and fourth

Payouts for the 2012 Kentucky Derby

To get an idea of what happened last year, here is a recap of the payouts for the 2012 Kentucky Derby.

I’ll Have Another Win/Place/Show: $32.60, $13.80, $9.00

Bodemeister: $6.20, $5.60

Dullahan: $7.20

$2 Exacta: $306.60

$1 Trifecta: $766.40

$1 Superfecta: $48,046.40

$1 Double: $408.80

$0.50 Pick 3: $824.35

$0.50 Pick 4: $7,781.10

$0.50 Pick 5: $23,923.80

$2 Pick 6: $675,148.00

List of 139 Kentucky Derby odds by order of official favorites:

  1. Orb 7-2
  2. Verrazano 4-1
  3. Goldencents 5-1
  4. Java’s War 15-1
  5. Overanalyze 15-1
  6. Revolutionary 10-1
  7. Lines of Battle 30-1
  8. Vyjack 15-1
  9. Will Take Charge 20-1
  10. Itsmyluckyday 15-1
  11. Palace Malice 20-1
  12. Normandy Invasion 12-1
  13. Frac Daddy 50-1
  14. Mylute 15-1
  15. Oxbow 30-1
  16. Falling Sky 50-1
  17. Charming Kitten 20-1
  18. Golden Soul 50-1
  19. Giant Finish 50-1
  20. Fear The Kitten 50-1

Looking to place a bet on the Derby? Checkout our top online racebooks reviews.

Bad Weather for the 139th Kentucky Derby?

Published On May 4, 2013

Bad Derby WeatherTrying to figure out which horse will win the 2013 Kentucky Derby can be difficult because of the surface conditions of the track at Churchill Downs. Unlike other racecourses, the Kentucky Derby is raced on turf. This means that the weather can seriously affect the outcome of the race. Now that the Kentucky Derby is less than 24 hours away, the real question for bettors is whether or not rain is going to affect the way the horses run on May 4, 2013.

Weather in Louisville, Kentucky on May 3, 2013

DerbyBetting.org is proud to have writers living next to Churchill Downs. Despite what the meteorologists online may say, our writers can record the weather by looking out their window. At 10pm, the day before the 2013 Kentucky Derby, the weather was a stormy. There was a light rain with lightning and thunder starting at around 6:30pm and lasting until 8pm. While this storm is predicted to clear up over the next 12 hours, it does mean that the track will be muddy at Churchill Downs.

Will bad weather cancel the 2013 Kentucky Derby?

While it is certainly not advise to stand in the middle of the Infield during a lightning storm, bad weather has never canceled a Kentucky Derby in the past 14 decades. The post time is in the early evening at 6:24pm. Naturally, the time for the Kentucky Derby can change if they suspect that there will be bad weather later on.

Will the Churchill Downs track be too wet to run on?

No one wants to see the horses suffer, and a wet turf track can seem scary to new horse racing fans. Thankfully, Churchill Downs works rapidly to get the track in working condition before horses are allowed to run on it. Over the years, they have developed several techniques that drain water away from a muddy track and have extra dirt to throw down on top of any wet spots. While any extra moisture on the track might affect the way a horse runs, clearing up the water will certainly hinder any serious injuries.

Will Kentucky Derby cancellations be announced?

Despite the fact that it has never happened before, there is always a chance that the Kentucky Derby will need to be canceled. If this is the case, you can save yourself some stress by checking in with the @DerbyMedia Twitter account. You will not learn of all of the important betting updates at this Twitter address, but you will know if the weather is going to affect your 2013 Kentucky Derby bet.

Top Funny Kentucky Derby Moments

Published On May 3, 2013

The Kentucky Derby is a serious event, but that does not mean that it is completely without humor. In the past few years, professional media sources and amateur filmmaking tourists have captured some hilarious moments related to the Kentucky Derby. Along with the anticipation in anxiety of out which horse will win, there is also a great deal of fun to be had.

Cyndi Lauper at the 2012 Kentucky Derby

The 2012 Pegasus Parade was led by musicians Cyndi Lauper, and there were a few funny videos related to her visit. For example, Lauper reveals to a reporter that she once worked at the Belmont racetrack when she was younger. There was also an awkward moment where Lauper reveals that she cries easily, and the video blogger strangely said he shared that same quality.

The high jumper in the Infield

The party at the Churchill Downs Infield during the Kentucky Derby is notorious for attracting the police. For this reason, there has been a steady decline in the number of weird things that people are allowed to do. Since they banned horse racing fans from running on top of the port-a-lets, the new competition is to jump over a trash can. In one funny video about the Kentucky Derby, a man accomplishes this goal with ease.

Silliest way to pick a Kentucky Derby horse

One of the reasons that people visit the Kentucky Derby in person is to see celebrities. In 2012, Ice T showed up with Coco and gave an interview to the local news media. Ice T picked three horses that ended up losing, but Coco’s method of picking a Kentucky Derby horse was hysterical. She says that she chooses a horse based on how big its butt is. The horse that the biggest butt is her choice to win.

The Great Bed Races

Few of the Kentucky Derby Festival activities are clearly focused on humor in the way that the Great Bed Races are. It used to be called “The Bedlam in the Streets” and is used today as a way for businesses to compete against each other. Over time, a trend for wearing hilarious costumes developed. The true humor in this Kentucky Derby event can be found in videos from past races.

A few funny Kentucky Derby trivia facts

Although they are not funny moments, one of the main activities for Kentucky Derby writers each year is rounding up the most obscure forms of trivia related to the event. Over the years, there have been some interesting oddities related to Derby Day. For example, winners of the Kentucky Derby often save some of the roses to be freeze-dried or dipped in metal to preserve them. There have also been a large number of Kentucky Derby contenders that are owned by celebrities such as Steven Spielberg. For more fun facts about the Kentucky Derby, try searching Google with the books or videos option. You can also check for funny blog posts about the Kentucky Derby in our news section.

Final News Updates: 2013 Kentucky Derby

Published On May 3, 2013

Kentucky Derby LongshotAre you getting ready to place your bet on the Kentucky Derby? Now that the official odds and favorites have been announced, logging onto your online wagering to place money on your favorite horse is permitted. Before you make your final selection, take a look at relevant news headlines that have emerged in the past week before the 2013 Kentucky Derby.

The 2013 Kentucky Derby long shot emerges

In the past week, two horses have the dropped out of the contenders list. Replacing them are two horses that no one thought would get a chance to run in the Derby. In twentieth place on the 2013 Kentucky Derby contenders list is Fear The Kitten. Regardless, the official oddsmaker of Churchill Downs has listed Giant Finish as the long shot.

The official top favorite: Orb

Along with other horses, the official Churchill Downs oddsmaker listed Orb as his top favorite. Sadly, this horse has a little bit of bad luck because it will be from the first post position. Turf writer Jerry Bossert from the New York Daily News states that a horse has not won from the first post position in the Kentucky Derby since 1986.

Pitino Triple Crown?

Louisville Cardinals basketball coach, Rick Pitino, has been a Bluegrass State favorite for the past three decades. He has coached both of the major university teams in Kentucky to NCAA victory and has multiple awards to boot. Over the past few months, he has been awarded as an NCAA Champ and Hall of Famer. Now, it is speculated by many that Pitino could earn a 2013 “Triple Crown” for his Kentucky Derby contender Goldencents. However, this is not necessarily a sure bet since Goldencents’ trainer, Shug McGaughey, has never won a Kentucky Derby. With a Todd Pletcher-dominated field for 2013, we will see if Pitino knows good horse talent when he sees it.

Is Palace Malice in the top?

Each turf writer at a major media outlet in America is posting an article to defend their top Kentucky Derby picks. Since you cannot pick the top favorite and cover it repeatedly, each horse gets a chance to shine. For this reason, do not lose your nerve if you have already picked a horse you like for the 2013 Derby that is based on solid research. On the other hand, if you find an author that has a good argument, it cannot hurt to put a couple of dollars down simply based on a hunch.

139th Kentucky Derby Festival Videos and Pictures

Published On May 3, 2013

The Kentucky Derby Festival provides an exciting array of events, entertainment, and activities for the people of Louisville – all for the low cost of a simple Pegasus Pin. This horse racing focused organization is actually a separate entity from Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby, but no one represents the spirit of the race quite like the Kentucky Derby Festival. Listed below are the best videos taken of the 2013 celebration.

2013 Pegasus Parade pictures and videos

While the Pegasus Parade occurs a couple of days before the Kentucky Derby, fans of this event are quick to upload their experiences online. Within 24 hours of the 2013 Pegasus Parade, photos and videos have emerged that highlight a lot of local entertainers.

Good weather for the Great Balloon Race

It can be a little bit tricky for amateurs to capture good video and photographs of the Kentucky Derby Festival’s Great Balloon events. However, fans were lucky this year because the weather permitted great media coverage from the 2013 event. Here are some uploads that highlight amateurs using professional filming techniques with music or commentary.

Everyone’s favorite food photos at the Chow Wagon

More Derby FoodLouisville represents a wide array of fine taste buds, and festival food takes on a lot of meanings during the Kentucky Derby. In addition to food truck gourmet and local five-star restaurant talent, there are also once-a-year BBQ booths that show up at the Chow Wagon on the Riverfront during Derby. Pictures of this event are always rather hard to find, but food fans and major news sources in Louisville are definitely representing their 2013 favorites this year.




Kroger’s 2013 Fest-a-Ville music highlights

The week before the Kentucky Derby, music is performed live for free at Louisville’s Waterfront Park. The event is one that most locals make a point of attending, and it is sponsored by Kroger groceries. The 2013 headliners at this event included the Velcro Pygmies, Jefferson Tarc Bus, Jacob Dylan and his father Bob Dylan.