2013 Kentucky Derby for Kids

Published On May 3, 2013

There is a lot of focus on betting during the Kentucky Derby, but this does not mean that this is solely an adult-oriented event. Instead, kids are at the heart of Kentucky Derby celebrations all over America. To get an idea of how Kentucky annually incorporates horse racing with festivities for kids, take a look at the May 4, 2013 Kentucky Derby events below.

Kids welcome at the racetrack for the 2013 Derby

Kentucky Derby for KidsDo you live outside of Kentucky and want to take your kids to celebrate the 2013 Derby? Your city may not have an organized celebration that focuses on this event, but it is highly likely that your local racetrack does. Interestingly, Portland Meadows and Golden Gate Fields are hosting a 2013 Kentucky Derby party and children are welcome to attend. In addition to hanging out in the lounge and eating from the buffet, kids can also visit the stables and participate in child-oriented organized activities.

Frankfort Kentucky’s Derby Celebration

Locals in Frankfort, Kentucky’s capitol want to ensure that kids have a safe space to celebrate the Derby in 2013. For this reason, the Historic Society will host an event during The (Kentucky) Governor’s Downtown Derby Celebration that will have several exhibits for kids on display. One is a mobile exhibit sponsored by Toyota called “A Kentucky Journey.” This celebration will also host Hobbyhorse Races at the Old State Capitol, derby hat making for kids, carriage rides, pony rides, and give kids a chance to visit retired racing Thoroughbreds.

Louisville’s pre-Derby festival events for kids

Kids in Louisville enjoy three weeks of Derby events each year that welcome them at every turn. With the exception of the marathon, all of the Kentucky Derby Festival’s events have a place set aside for children. However, some of this entertainment features children as performers. For example, the Louisville Youth Orchestra performed at the Iroquois Amphitheater and children signed up to run in the Children’s Marathon. Other kid-centric activities in Louisville are the “Children’s Tea with the Kentucky Derby Festival Princesses” and the Great Bed Races.

Kids Zone in the Kentucky Derby Infield on Derby Day

The Kentucky Derby is well-known for the wild party that happens in the center of the track at Churchill Downs. If you watch videos recorded in the infield on Derby Day, you might feel that it is not very child-friendly. Interestingly, recent headlines confirm the fact that someone at Churchill Downs has decided to take charge of the situation and create a child-friendly Infield area.

According to the Kentucky Derby’s website blog, the Infield is being divided into three parts. In one area, it will be the “Young At Heart Party” where adults can get a little buck wild without kids around. In a third area, the grassy first turn of the infield will have a picnic environment for well-supervised children and their parents.


Luxury, Glamour and Fashion Shopping Review

Published On May 2, 2013

City Concierge Louisville Flo Kentucky Derby Hats 3Part of the appeal of the Kentucky Derby for many Americans is the focus on food, style, culture and fashion. After all, the Kentucky Derby is the richest horse race in America and celebrities are commonly found at Churchill Downs on this day. Of course, as a premiere event, people that attend the Kentucky Derby like to dress up and open a bottle of their finest bourbon.

This focus on luxury at the Kentucky Derby is one that is also taken seriously by local shop owners in the Louisville area. For this reason, our writers have spent several months gathering together all most glamorous spots in Louisville where you can find the full luxury experience for the 2013 Kentucky Derby. Written below are reviews from our website writers.

Custom and luxurious Kentucky Derby hats

This year, Louisville is especially lucky because top hat makers are making the Kentucky Derby a primary destination for their wares and skills. For example, FLO Gallery and Studio is pulling out all of the stops to make guest milliner, Joy Scott, welcome at their shop. Down in the NuLu District in Louisville’s East Market Street, more than 10 boutique shops that focus on handmade high fashion have lively Kentucky Derby hat displays in their windows.

Flo Gallery Kentucky Derby Hats 2013On top of that, there are plenty of guest hat makers flying in from around America. A good example is a San Francisco-based shop called Paul’s Hats. Primarily a men’s hat store, they make and clean hats that are fine enough for Millionaire’s Row. This year, they have found a home in Louisville at two locations. One is the 21C hotel in Downtown Louisville, and the other is a pop-up store at 807 East Market Street. One of their top sellers as of May 2, 2013 is the, “Hand-woven straw hat from Ecuador commonly called the Panama Straw.”

A personalized Kentucky Derby party table

The Spot Kentucky Derby Catering LouisvilleA key aspect of luxury living is personalized services from someone that you work with directly. While gourmet restaurants and catering services can give you a taste of the Kentucky Derby, it is usually based upon their own recipes. This means that you pay to get what they are offering. This means that having them set aside time to follow your family’s favorite recipes might not be an option.

If luxury food experiences are important to your Kentucky Derby party, one of the tricks to having the best is controlling the recipes. Instead of choosing a predetermined Kentucky Derby catering menu package, smaller companies will work with you closely to customize your experience. A good example of a new Kentucky Derby catering company that can use any recipe that you provide is The Spot at 1207 S 6th Street.

Top Kentucky Derby dresses and jewelry locations

Kentucky Derby Jewelry GiftHorseOne of the key aspects of visiting Louisville for the Kentucky Derby is buying dresses and jewelry for the occasion in the local community. The best places to find one-of-a-kind fashion geared specifically for Derby Day is north of Churchill Downs. In addition to the NuLu District on East Market Street near Downtown, there are boutique retailers nearby found on Bardstown Road, Frankfurt Avenue, and Shelbyville Road. Particular favorites of our writers at DerbyBetting.org are the glamorous pieces for sale by Butch Sager of Gift horse.

High fashion handmade custom dresses

Laura Fauna Kentucky Derby Custom Dresses 2Sometimes, the only way to get the height of luxury for your Kentucky Derby dress is to have someone make it from scratch. In today’s age, most dressmakers found in Louisville are focused on weddings. Thankfully, there is one local Louisville dressmaker that is making her mark in the fashion world. In addition to helping you achieve a Kentucky Derby look that she designs, Laura Fauna can help you create your own idea of a masterpiece.


2013 Kentucky Derby: Fun Tours of Louisville

Published On May 2, 2013

City Concierge Louisville Tours SignsAre you planning on traveling to the 2013 Kentucky Derby and are looking for fun things to do besides visiting Churchill Downs? Thousands of tourists come to Louisville each year to watch the Kentucky Derby, but their time spent actually watching the race is only two minutes. Obviously, if you are going to spend more than one day in Louisville, finding someone to show you a tour is a good idea. This way, you get the most out of your visit to the Bluegrass State and a taste of horse racing culture.

Touring on a bus with your friends

City Taste Tours of Louisville 2In Louisville, there are a variety of prepackaged bus-oriented tours. This means that a driver picks up you and your friends from a centralized location and takes you somewhere for a predetermined activity. For example, it is common in Louisville to go on a bourbon tour. This means that you will go to all of the distilleries within 100 miles of Louisville. While some are very basic, others bus tours in Louisville that use this model are very elaborate. One company that caught our writer’s eye at DerbyBetting.org is City Taste Tours of Louisville. They definitely offer all of the glamorous foodie touches that tourists expect out of the gourmet Kentucky Derby experience.

Custom tours and luxury concierge

Prepackaged tours are good for groups, but what if you want to personalize your experience and you have the money to do it? In order to get some professional guidance, services in Louisville, Kentucky such as Laura Wallace’s City Concierge provide options that are not regularly found in Louisville’s top hotels. Instead of having your five star hotel refer her, you can call City Concierge directly and request customized tours or a personal assistant during Derby weekend.City Concierge Tours Louisville

Ghost Tours of Louisville?

A popular tour in Louisville, Kentucky that features its dark past is guided by Mr. Ghost Walker. However, according to his website, he will not be having any scheduled tours in 2013 until the week after Derby. If you are only in town for Kentucky Derby weekend, there is always a chance that he can be persuaded if the right amount of money is offered. Otherwise, you will need to schedule a visit with him the next time you are in Louisville.

Fly over tours of Louisville

Some people like to look at museums while others are more drawn to the overview option. If you want to fly over the city of Louisville, Classic Biplane Tours of Louisville is a specific tour designed especially for you. Using a biplane, you can experience the sensation of flying all while your tour guide shows you the famous sights of Kentucky from the air.

The other in-depth tours of Louisville

City Concierge 1Truthfully, there are at least 15 excellent tour companies that are based in Louisville. You will get great service from each of them, and the only choices you will need to make is which price is right. The exception to that rule is that some are based around one location. The following list gives you an idea of tour companies that are specific to Louisville neighborhoods where you may be spending your time during the Kentucky Derby.

Downtown Louisville: There are a few hotel locations next to Churchill Downs, but a majority of Kentucky Derby tourists are in Downtown Louisville for the weekend. For this reason, do not forget to check out the Louisville Segway Tours or the Belle of Louisville Steamboat Ohio River tours.

East of Churchill Downs: Five miles east of Churchill Downs is the Louisville Zoo. Behind it is a tour facility that is worth mentioning if you enjoy caves. Kentucky is an interesting place because it has a large cave system that runs throughout most of the state. However, Mega Cave Louisville is a specific tourist attraction that has a unique history tied to nuclear war preparation and more. In addition to learning about the importance of this cave in Louisville, there are also a variety of activities based around cave exploration.

Old Louisville: On the day of the Kentucky Derby, there are 13 races in total. If you decide that you want to walk around the neighborhood during the Kentucky Derby instead of hanging out at Churchill Downs, you will be about a half a mile away from Old Louisville. This gives you a chance to use your Smartphone to access the Do It Yourself Walking Tours Of Old Louisville webpage. It is a relaxing way to enjoy history that helped shape Churchill Downs and it is completely free.





Can the Kentucky Derby Be Canceled?

Published On May 2, 2013

Run For The RosesBuying tickets to the Kentucky Derby and planning to spend your day at Churchill Downs is an investment of time and money. For bettors, a great deal of reading and video watching is done in order to pick the horses that are most likely to win. Adding to the anxiety of the anticipating which horse will cross the finish line, some are worried that they will have no chance at all because the Kentucky Derby might be canceled. However, with some insight about the history of the past 138 Kentucky Derby’s, these fears will be quelled.

The tumultuous weather at last year’s Kentucky Derby

In the week before the 2012 Kentucky Derby, our website’s writers were living less than two miles from Churchill Downs. During that time, egg-sized hail rained down upon the neighborhood, and many feared that there would be a tornado. Another problem is that the classic Churchill Downs tulip landscaping was still not blooming. It seemed like there was a lot of signs pointing to the fact that the Kentucky Derby might need to be canceled because the weather was terrible. Interestingly, the races were not canceled – and it did not rain on the day of the 138 Kentucky Derby. Unfortunately, the Kentucky Derby does not always have such sunny weather.

The history of Kentucky Derby weather

The United States National Weather Service recently published a handy online guide that shows the weather history of the Kentucky Derby for the past 138 years. Without a doubt, there is a 50/50 chance that it will rain on the day of the Kentucky Derby. If the Kentucky Derby has run each year regardless of the weather, do they make horses run in the rain?

What happens if it rains on Derby Day?

In recent Kentucky Derby races, the start time is 6:24pm. Of course, if the weather is terrible, they can always delay the race and use overhead lights. Churchill Downs also has special equipment to drain the track and make it less muddy. This is not a surprise to our website writers that have lived in Louisville for the past two decades. Generally speaking, the weather in Louisville tends to clear up after 7pm during May. Although it is certainly tornado season during the first weeks of May, there has never been a tornado that has touched down during the Kentucky Derby over the past 140 years.

The one year that the Kentucky Derby was canceled?

Trivia fanatics take note! Compared to other racetracks, the Kentucky Derby has a perfect track record. The race started in 1875 and has been run each year since. This is surprising considering that, during World War II, some racetracks throughout the United States, closed down. For example, Santa Anita Park in California had racing suspended from 1942 to 1944 so that the facility could be used by the military.

Naturally, all of the examples in this article affirm that you should keep your faith alive that the 2013 Kentucky Derby will not be canceled. You are also highly unlikely to have your bet scratched. So kick back, get ready to enjoy the race. If you need some help getting started with Kentucky Derby betting, check out some posts from our updated blog.

Healthy Kentucky Derby Food Recipes and Tips

Published On May 1, 2013

Do you love Kentucky Derby food classics like Hot Browns, Burgoo and pulled pork? The Kentucky Derby is known for its decadence, and this often flies in the face of a health-conscious America. If you are looking for a way to eat healthy while still enjoying all of your Derby party favorites, you are in luck. Over the years, several recipes and tips have been developed that have the all of the goodness of the Kentucky Derby food, but with a fit kick.

Less bread and more fresh produce

There are so many variations online in regards to Kentucky Derby menus that it can be difficult to know how to make it authentic. It can also be nerve-wracking to figure out how to take a traditional menu and make it into something healthier. Of course, traditional Kentucky Derby menus include a lot of starch, but this is changing. If you look at the menus for the 2013 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, you will notice that there are a lot of raw veggies and fruits. To make your Kentucky Derby food more health-conscious, limit your carbohydrate-based menu items and add three times as many non-carbohydrate choices.

Classic full-fat Kentucky Derby menu items include:

  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Benedictine sandwiches
  • Pulled pork sandwiches
  • Burgoo
  • Country ham and biscuits
  • Grits and cheese
  • Hot Browns
  • Grilled corn
  • Spicy pecans

Taking the cholesterol out of pulled pork

Most people that enjoy barbecued pulled pork have no idea how it is cooked. Worse, they buy pulled pork in the freezer aisle of a grocery store in a prepackaged tub. Sadly, restaurants and grocery stores rarely have a variation of pulled pork that is geared toward someone with high cholesterol. Thankfully, as the old saying goes, this secret is in the sauce. In order to avoid the hidden fat found in pulled pork sandwiches, switch to barbecued chicken instead. If you are craving the authentic Churchill Downs taste, invest extra time in finding the perfect barbecue sauce recipe.

Making a healthier Burgoo?

Outside of Kentucky, few people have heard of the spicy stew called Burgoo. This soup has a history that revolves around the upper-class farming style that Kentucky is famous for. Tradition has it that Burgoo should contain several different types of vegetables and barbecued meat such as pork or mutton. Although it is delicious, it often has a layer of grease swimming at the top. Interestingly, our writers at DerbyBetting.org have lived in the Bluegrass State for almost three decades and have a healthy Burgoo tip. Mainly, it is well known that Burgoo tastes better the day after it is cooked. For this reason, when the Burgoo is cooled, it is easy to remove the orange fat layer that collects at the top. Doing this reduces the overall fat content of this stew significantly.

What about a healthy Hot Brown?

Hot BrownThe Hot Brown is an open face sandwich that is covered in a cheese sauce. Ordering a Hot Brown sandwich over the past century has included many strange toppings such as canned peaches. Nevertheless, it is basically a turkey sandwich with cheese sauce and does not need to be high fat. While there are many healthy recipes for the Hot Brown, the low-fat parmesan cheese sauce developed by Southern Living Magazine is the most recommended in Louisville.

Do not forget the Derby Pie

Derby PieWhen you have a Kentucky Derby party in Louisville, it is made complete with a special dessert like bourbon balls. One other option is to buy the trademarked Derby Pie that is available from sellers such as Taste of Kentucky. This pie is certainly rich, and you cannot buy it in a sugar-free option. On a humorous note, it has been observed by writers at DerbyBetting.org that the most sugar-conscious people in Louisville avoid eating too much of this rich pie by implementing a two-bite policy instead of serving a whole slice.

Kentucky Derby Odds Expert and Oddsmaker Facts

Published On May 1, 2013

Kentucky Derby HorsesEach year when the Kentucky Derby approaches, people that do not normally follow horse racing get excited about placing a bet. Now that smartphones and tablets are commonplace, people feel natural inclination to want to place a bet online for the Kentucky Derby. While you can certainly make a quick decision and choose a horse at random, understanding what defines horse racing will help you ensure you place a winning Kentucky Derby wager. Detailed below are several popular questions that new bettors have about horse racing, odds, and oddsmakers.

It should also be noted that the Kentucky Derby has a unique betting culture that differs from other horse races in America. Whether you are a beginner or a horse racing pro, this tutorial will surely improve your ability to choose the right horse and place the best bet online for the Kentucky Derby.

What are Kentucky Derby futures?

It is easy to get confused when you see the words Kentucky Derby futures because amateur bettors tend to think it is a list of horses they can bet on. This is not true, and instead the information listed online for the Kentucky Derby “Future Wager” is a promotional/advertising game that Churchill Downs does every year about 6 weeks before the Derby. If your patience is running out and you want a trusted source of information before Churchill Downs releases the official copy of betting odds for Kentucky Derby horses, the Glantz-Culver Future Book Odds gives a list of the current odds of 50-1 or less. We also list these odds on our website as soon as they are available.

When do official Kentucky Derby odds appear?

When you are excited about the Kentucky Derby, you want to place your bet as soon as possible. However, it can be disappointing when you go to your favorite betting website and do not see any of the odds listed for the Kentucky Derby. Sometimes, you will see projected odds, but they are not ready for bettors to wager on. While there are many top 10 lists and polls about predicting which horse will win the Kentucky Derby in the weeks before the race, the official odds do not appear until they are released by Churchill Downs a short period of time before the Kentucky Derby. At that time, bettors can start to put their money down on the race.

Can I place a bet on a future race?

Typically, when you log onto an online betting account, it will only allow you to bet on races that take place that date. At some websites, the futures section is where you can find the betting odds or values for various types of sports. However, the morning line odds that are used for horse racing in America follow specific time-sensitive rules. Mainly, they use the pari-mutuel style of betting, and this means that odds are dictated immediately before the race by an independent third party that is associated with the racetrack. Once the odds are released, bettors are welcome to place a bet on a horse they think will win.

Who is the authority on the odds for the Kentucky Derby?

The main person of interest that all Kentucky Derby bettors should be aware of is named Mike Battaglia. It is up to him to release the official odds and start the Kentucky Derby betting process. Naturally, he cannot release his methods of evaluation, but he does regularly give his opinion on Kentucky Derby horses to the press.

Are there different types of horse racing odds?

When you are ready to place a bet on the Kentucky Derby, logging onto an American horse betting website will usually show you the “morning line odds” for the Kentucky Derby. In Europe, they call morning line odds “American Odds” because they do not typically use them overseas. Instead, Europe tends to use decimal or fractional odds instead. If you get confused over what the odds mean and how much money you will get if you win, you can always use an online betting calculator that will decipher it for you.

What is the difference between Kentucky Derby contenders and favorites?

Kentucky Derby terminology definitely takes some getting used to for the amateur horse racing bettor. In order to get your facts straight, a Kentucky Derby contender is a horse that will officially run in the race that year. A favorite is a Kentucky Derby contender that experts predict will likely win the race that year.

What are points standings and how do I use them for betting?

In 2012, Kentucky Derby officials changed the way that the horses were selected for the big race. Instead of adding up all of the money that a horse wins and using that to define which ones will be Kentucky Derby contenders, they switched to a point system. In the weeks before the Kentucky Derby, various websites will highlight the horses that have the most points because they are most likely to be running in the next Kentucky Derby. In general, the point accumulations from the prep race season will be listed on a webpage as “point standings.”

Can you place points spreads or over/under bets for horse racing?

If you frequently bet on other types of sports, the system that is used for horse racing can get you confused. In particular, for betting on the Kentucky Derby, it is only straight odds to win. This is different from football betting where you have the extra benefits of over-under betting and points spreads. However, instead of placing all of your money on one horse, you can split up your investment over the several horses with the exotic wagers (like the Exacta, Trifecta and superfecta) found in the horse gambling world.

When you feel confident about placing a Kentucky Derby bet, our website is here to give you all of the important information you need to make the best choice. Whether it is getting started with setting up your first horse betting account or advice about racebooks, we have all the resources you need.

Last Minute 2013 Kentucky Derby Tickets?

Published On Apr 30, 2013

Kentucky Derby Floor GrandstandThe day of the Kentucky Derby, you make sure to take your sunscreen, hat, and betting money to the big race. However, you soon discover that you have left your tickets at home in another city. Before you panic and abandon the race altogether, keep in mind that every person that wants to go to the Kentucky Derby is admitted. If you are curious about how this works, keep reading.

How do my fraudulent tickets still work?

Some people are so excited to get tickets to the Kentucky Derby that they end up getting scammed. This often happens when someone uses a third party to purchase tickets. For example, purchasing Kentucky Derby tickets from a website with a credit card buys you some insurance. On the other hand, purchasing a 2013 Kentucky Derby ticket from Craigslist can help you end up with a fake ticket. Regardless, if you show up to the gates of Churchill Downs and they throw away your ticket, there is still hope.

Churchill Downs still has tickets with seats?

A week before the 2013 Kentucky Derby, the official Churchill Downs website stated they had tickets for sale. While you may not see celebrities in Section 110, you will have a chance to sit down. If you buy their $550 ticket package, you will get food, drinks, and a little bit of shade. Nonetheless, there is a chance that you will miss out on tickets to this area, but it does not mean you are out of options yet.

An unlimited supply of Kentucky Derby tickets

This year, you gathered all of your friends together to go see the Kentucky Derby. Before leaving the hotel, you put the tickets in your bag and start to walk all the way to Churchill Downs. Unfortunately, when you get to the gate, you notice that you have been pick-pocketed. Without your tickets, is there a chance that you can get inside and still enjoy the festivities? While you may not have your tickets instantly replaced, you can still pay to get in to the Infield. It only costs $50 for admission, and they have plenty of room for thousands of people. Moreover, this area is a unique party space in and of itself that you will not regret being a part of.

When all else fails, you can still place a bet

Sometimes, it is difficult to admit defeat and still have a good time. If you made it all the way to Louisville but do not get good tickets, you can still show up at Churchill Downs to take a few tourist pictures. In addition to placing a bet there, you can take advantage of all of the online Kentucky Derby betting bonuses from the comfort of your smartphone.

139th Kentucky Derby Date and Time Facts

Published On Apr 30, 2013

Run for the RosesAre you looking for facts about the date and time that the 139th Kentucky Derby begins? Placing an effective bet on the Kentucky Derby means getting your facts straight. After all, the odds are not released until a few days before the race, and you will not be able to place your bet prior to that. For all of the details related to the Kentucky Derby, this website strives to be the best. Based on research done by our writers, the following information has been gathered from the strongest resources online.

What is the Kentucky Derby?

If you do not understand what the Kentucky Derby is you would not be the first person that is afraid to admit to this. While everyone seems to know exactly why the Kentucky Derby is important, there is always a first time to learn this information. Simply put, the Kentucky Derby has a lot of significance because it is the oldest Thoroughbred horse race in the United States. The fact that it has continued uninterrupted for this long is part of the reason why it is revered.

Where is the Kentucky Derby at?

The 2013 Kentucky Derby is the 139th race in this series. Without exception, this race is held each year at Churchill Downs. More specifically, Churchill Downs is located at Fourth Street and Central Street in Louisville, Kentucky. While this neighborhood does not have a specific name, it is located near the University of Louisville.

When is the 2013 Kentucky Derby date?

The date for the Kentucky Derby changes each year, but there is one way you can always mark it on your calendar. Since the beginning, it has been held on the first Sunday in May. The specific date for the Kentucky Derby in 2013 is May 4.

What time is Kentucky Derby?

Tourists start arriving at Churchill Downs early in the morning on the day of the Kentucky Derby. Most of the time, ticket holders show up early in order to examine the horses in their stalls before the race begins. What most people do not realize is that there are other races taking place on Derby Day and that the Kentucky Derby does not actually begin until later in the afternoon. With the exception of Kentucky Derby events that occur on rainy days, the post time (the time the race is run) starts at 6:42 PM EST precisely.

When are the results of the Kentucky Derby announced?

If you are watching the race, you will immediately know if your horse won the Kentucky Derby. However, this is different from getting the results. The results will tell you the time each horse finished and the order they finished in. The special announcements that give all of these details is usually released within a few hours after the race has concluded.

When can I get the payout on my bet for the Kentucky Derby?

Immediately after the Kentucky Derby ends, winners rush to the betting clerks to get their payouts. After a long day watching the races, few attendants of the Kentucky Derby want to stand in line to collect their winnings. For this reason, most people are choosing to place their bets online. By using a smartphone, you can collect your winnings and have them transferred by pressing a button. Of course, if you need help figuring out which betting websites to use, if we have thorough reviews available through DerbyBetting.org.

11 Funny Ways to Pick a Kentucky Derby Winner

Published On Apr 29, 2013

Funny Kentucky Derby PictureThere are plenty of serious bettors in the world that invest thousands of dollars in Kentucky Derby wagering each year. However, what if you want to use $100 and randomly choose a winner? After all, part of the thrill of betting is being surprised when you actually win. Instead of doing your homework with handicapping, you can take your chances with these 11 funny ways to pick a Kentucky Derby winner at random.

1. The gray mare always wins

Most Thoroughbreds that run in the Kentucky Derby are a standard chestnut brown color. Despite this, a few are white or gray. In betting lore, it is generally stated that the grey horse is most likely to win. You can test this theory for yourself by picking the lightest colored horse as the winner.

2. The horse has your favorite number

When it is time for the big race, each horse gets a number to wear based on where they will exit the starting gate. If you have a lucky number, this can be one of the easiest ways to randomly select a horse for your bet.

3. Pick the horse that represents your state

Most people assume that Thoroughbred horses are born and raised in the Bluegrass State, but this is not necessarily true. For this reason, if you have you heard a little bit of the history of a horse and learn that it is tied to the state that you live in, you can show some solidarity by betting on it.

4. Choose the color of the jockey silks

Everyone has a favorite color, and Kentucky Derby jockeys give you plenty of chances to have your colors represented. If you find the colors to be particularly lucky, do not hesitate to place a bet on a horse based on the jockey silks.

5. The horse has family you respect

Breeders take exceptional care to ensure that Thoroughbreds have at least one Kentucky Derby winner in their family history. By checking the pedigree of a Kentucky Derby contender, you can find a horse to bet on based on their family tree.

6. There is something about the name that you like

Picking a name for a horse is difficult because the registering agency requires each name to be unique. After four hundred years of naming racehorses, it is next to impossible for a breeder to assign anything but unusual names. For this reason, if there is something about the name that appeals to you, this could be the premonition you need to bet on this particular horse.

7. The jockey is going to set a record

There are many aspects of horse racing to enjoy, and the records set by the jockeys are a good reason to place a bet on them. For instance, African American jockeys once dominated the sport, and 2013 is the first year that one will be represented in the race in several decades.

8. This year, you decide to pick the long shot

Amateur bettors tend to focus on the favorites because they are the most likely to win. Nevertheless, recent Kentucky Derby winners prove that sometimes it is the long shot that takes the trophy. This means that you should not be ashamed of spending a few dollars on the horse that is least likely to win.

9. Your gut instinct says to avoid the favorite

All of the news agencies are speculating that horse number five will win the 2013 Kentucky Derby. Regardless, you have a nagging feeling that says that horse number three will be the actual winner. In this case, you can always bet on everyone’s favorite and still set aside money to place a bet on the horse your gut tells you to wager on.

10. Find a lucky pick expert

Do you have a neighbor or co-worker that always seems to pick the Kentucky Derby winner each year? Knowing someone that has a winning streak is a good enough reason to put your money where their mouth is.

11. Lock in all of your favorites with a Trifecta box

If you still cannot decide which horse is going to win and which place it will win in, you can save yourself some stress with a Trifecta or superfecta box. A straightforward Trifecta means that you buy a ticket that says certain horses will win in a specified order. By buying the box option, you will be able to place a bet on three horses, and it does not matter which order they win in. If you have more than three horses in mind, you can get the superfecta box instead.

Of course, if you want to do more than randomly select and horse to win, we have the tools at DerbyBetting.org to help you get the best results. To see some of the updates from this year’s Kentucky Derby, check out our blog.

Unique 2013 Kentucky Derby Events Outside of Louisville

Published On Apr 27, 2013

Louisville, Kentucky and Churchill Downs are the center points of the Kentucky Derby. However, this is not the only places that Kentucky Derby parties are held. Throughout the world, there are several unique ways that the Kentucky Derby is being incorporated into a party. Interestingly, there are about five distinct takes on a 2013 Kentucky Derby party listed as events on the internet. While you may need to RSVP to be invited, most of these Kentucky Derby parties are open to the public and benefit a good cause.

Fundraising Derby Day at your local racetrack

If you want to experience the excitement of the Kentucky Derby with other horse racing fans, check with your local racetrack. For instance, Finger Lakes Casino and Racetrack in Farmington, New York will be hosting a four-course buffet with live music and contests for the best Derby hats. It is a ticketed event and all of the proceeds go to a local nonprofit called the Thompson Guild.

Glitz and glamour Derby party tickets

Instead of waiting for one of your friends to throw a Kentucky Derby party, you can pay to attend a lavish event far outside of Louisville. While there is a Churchill Downs theme at all of these events hosted by Shindigz, the real focus is betting and watching the race in the lap of luxury. Shindigz will be hosting parties with southern cuisine, mint juleps, and contests in Louisville, Denver, Lexington, New Orleans, Reno, and other US cities.

Throw a Derby party for charity

Womens Kentucky Derby HatsHaving a Churchill Downs-themed party is a magnificent way to gather people together to raise money for a charity. The Naugatuck Woman’s Club is using the 2013 Kentucky Derby to do exactly that. Based in Connecticut, this group is a good example of how you can create an event for charity based upon the Kentucky Derby in your own community. The club is charging a fee for a Kentucky Derby-themed luncheon that will fund local charity projects such as the food bank and scholarships for high school seniors. To draw in a crowd, club members are dressed as jockeys for a funny mock horse race. They also have a raffle and give prizes for the best Kentucky Derby hats.

Kentucky Derby party food at a historic farm

Kentucky Derby PartiesThe Kentucky Derby is about the horses that run in the race. With that in mind, a grand place to have a party for the first Saturday in May is at a farm. Located in Boone County Kentucky, the Dinsmore farm mansion will be hosting a party for Kentucky Derby fans. It will feature popular food served at Churchill Downs and live music from Ricky Nye. As a 19th to 20th century historically preserved homestead, it will create unique memories for horse racing fans that they will always treasure.

First Annual BBQ Kentucky Derby solidarity

For many outsiders, the first thing they think of when someone says Churchill Downs is barbecue. If you attend a race in person or visit Churchill Downs, you will likely be served an array of dishes that include Kentucky-style barbecue. Sometimes called pulled pork, the sauce that is used with Churchill Downs barbecue is also a Kentucky classic. Showing some solidarity, the Oaklawn Racetrack in Hot Springs, Arkansas will have the First Annual Smokelawn BBQ Championship in honor of the 139 Kentucky Derby.