139th Kentucky Derby Date and Time Facts

Run for the RosesAre you looking for facts about the date and time that the 139th Kentucky Derby begins? Placing an effective bet on the Kentucky Derby means getting your facts straight. After all, the odds are not released until a few days before the race, and you will not be able to place your bet prior to that. For all of the details related to the Kentucky Derby, this website strives to be the best. Based on research done by our writers, the following information has been gathered from the strongest resources online.

What is the Kentucky Derby?

If you do not understand what the Kentucky Derby is you would not be the first person that is afraid to admit to this. While everyone seems to know exactly why the Kentucky Derby is important, there is always a first time to learn this information. Simply put, the Kentucky Derby has a lot of significance because it is the oldest Thoroughbred horse race in the United States. The fact that it has continued uninterrupted for this long is part of the reason why it is revered.

Where is the Kentucky Derby at?

The 2013 Kentucky Derby is the 139th race in this series. Without exception, this race is held each year at Churchill Downs. More specifically, Churchill Downs is located at Fourth Street and Central Street in Louisville, Kentucky. While this neighborhood does not have a specific name, it is located near the University of Louisville.

When is the 2013 Kentucky Derby date?

The date for the Kentucky Derby changes each year, but there is one way you can always mark it on your calendar. Since the beginning, it has been held on the first Sunday in May. The specific date for the Kentucky Derby in 2013 is May 4.

What time is Kentucky Derby?

Tourists start arriving at Churchill Downs early in the morning on the day of the Kentucky Derby. Most of the time, ticket holders show up early in order to examine the horses in their stalls before the race begins. What most people do not realize is that there are other races taking place on Derby Day and that the Kentucky Derby does not actually begin until later in the afternoon. With the exception of Kentucky Derby events that occur on rainy days, the post time (the time the race is run) starts at 6:42 PM EST precisely.

When are the results of the Kentucky Derby announced?

If you are watching the race, you will immediately know if your horse won the Kentucky Derby. However, this is different from getting the results. The results will tell you the time each horse finished and the order they finished in. The special announcements that give all of these details is usually released within a few hours after the race has concluded.

When can I get the payout on my bet for the Kentucky Derby?

Immediately after the Kentucky Derby ends, winners rush to the betting clerks to get their payouts. After a long day watching the races, few attendants of the Kentucky Derby want to stand in line to collect their winnings. For this reason, most people are choosing to place their bets online. By using a smartphone, you can collect your winnings and have them transferred by pressing a button. Of course, if you need help figuring out which betting websites to use, if we have thorough reviews available through DerbyBetting.org.

Published On Apr 30, 2013