2013 Triple Crown Betting: What to Expect

The Triple CrownIf you love getting huge payouts on events like the Kentucky Derby, stay tuned for the five weeks afterward for the 2013 Triple Crown. Simply put, the Triple Crown is an attempt to break a three-race record. It begins with the Kentucky Derby, but betting does not start to gain steam until the winner of the Derby also wins the Preakness. Naturally, if you can place a bet on whether or not the Triple Crown will hit in 2013, you can win the biggest payout of your life. For this reason, knowing more about this event can help you place better bets.

Why the Triple Crown is important for bettors

The Belmont Stakes, Preakness and Kentucky Derby make up the three races of the Triple Crown. These races have been important for the past 14 decades; however, it is only in the past 100 years that they have been complementarily scheduled to create the Triple Crown event. If a horse wins all three races, they have a Triple Crown victory. This does not happen very often, and the anticipation for bettors can reach a boiling point. This is especially true if a horse wins the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. The wagering before the final race at the Belmont Stakes often has a betting pool that rivals the Kentucky Derby. In addition to bets placed on the winner of the Belmont Stakes, there may also be a separate bet for the Triple Crown victory.

The Triple Crown drought

Sadly, there has not been a Triple Crown winner since Affirmed won in 1978. Many speculations have been made, but few expert opinions can verify why this four-decade long Triple Crown drought has occurred. Nevertheless, one theory that has emerged is that inbreeding within the Thoroughbred population is to blame. There are also several supporting arguments that show the latest crop of Thoroughbreds are some of the slowest on record. All of these speculations make it difficult to decide how to place a Triple Crown bet.

2013 Derby-Preakness doubles betting

Will the winner of the 2013 Kentucky Derby also win the Preakness? If this happens, it will be referred to as a double in the history books. For example, I’ll Have Another is a Derby-Preakness double because he won both races in 2012. Without a doubt, there will be a bet available before the Preakness to see if the same horse will win the Preakness and the Derby. If the winner of the Kentucky Derby loses the Preakness, there will not be as much Triple Crown betting afterward. On the other hand, if this same horse wins the first two races, the Belmont Stakes will be particularly popular with bettors. In addition to a hefty Belmont Stakes betting pool that is fueled by a Triple Crown fire, there will also be separate bets for the Triple Crown win.

Preakness-Belmont doubles and Derby-Belmont doubles

Winning two out of three legs of the Triple Crown is quite an accomplishment, and this affects bettors in certain ways. Obviously, the most profitable scenarios are going to include betting on a horse that wins the Preakness and Kentucky Derby to win the Belmont Stakes. Nonetheless, do not forget that there will also be bets on a Kentucky Derby-Belmont Stakes double even if the winner of the Derby fails at the Preakness.

Betting on the 2013 Triple Crown

If you did not set up an online betting account for the Kentucky Derby, now is your chance. We provide a number of great reviews on race books at this website and have other tips for setting up an account. We also have special instructions about Kentucky Derby betting. The same advice we give for the Derby goes for Triple Crown wagering. Mainly, the main idea is that you follow schedules closely in order to place an online bet successfully. For instance, two dates that you will need to know for 2013 Triple Crown betting are May 18 (Preakness) and June 8 (Belmont Stakes).

Winners of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Horseracing

  • 1919 Sir Barton
  • 1930 Gallant Fox
  • 1935 Omaha
  • 1937 War Admiral
  • 1941 Whirlaway
  • 1943 Count Fleet
  • 1946 Assault
  • 1948 Citation
  • 1973 Secretariat
  • 1977 Seattle Slew
  • 1978 Affirmed
Published On May 13, 2013