Tips: 2013 Thunder over Louisville on April 20

Disappointing news was announced on March 30 concerning Thunder over Louisville 2013. Now that the Blue Angels air show has been cut due to the military budget issues, many Thunder tourists are wondering what they will do all afternoon on April 20 while waiting for the fireworks to begin. Furthermore, first time visitors may not be aware of the traffic issues that Thunder over Louisville creates.

Thankfully, has writers that have lived near Downtown Louisville over the past two decades. In order to make sure that your 2013 Thunder over Louisville is as stress-free as possible, take a look at the following tips.Thunder over Louisville

Do not get trapped in the noise

Even if you are a resident of Louisville, you may not be aware that the Ohio River Valley is an excellent way to trap sound. This means that you will be surrounded by loud noises and amplified music once the fireworks go off after dark. If you or a small child has a problem with this type of noise, you may want to avoid watching Thunder over Louisville on the riverfront. Naturally, your family dog may also want to stay at home instead of partying with you that day.

Expect to need a good pair of walking shoes

You may be able to drive and park in Downtown Louisville for Thunder over Louisville, but you can expect to walk a considerable distance between the two spots. For Thunder, most people will drop off their family at Waterfront Park and then they will go hunting for a parking space. Since Downtown Louisville is a business district, this usually does not take terribly long. Nevertheless, the person parking the car will want to take comfortable walking shoes for the hike. Also, keep in mind that picking up everyone after Thunder over Louisville in the same place you drop them off earlier in the day will not be possible due to the crowds.

Take your own chairs

Waterfront Park in Downtown Louisville is the prime spectator location for Thunder. Each year, this area reaches maximum capacity with blankets and chairs dispersed throughout the great lawn. In order to maintain your spot, you will need to include some strategy. Primarily, you will need someone to stay with your blanket throughout the day. This will allow your party to go to the bathroom, get some food, and walk around to participate in some of the activities.

What to bring to Waterfront Park for Thunder

When you are planning to spend all day at Waterfront Park to watch Thunder over Louisville, it pays to know what you should and should not bring. Helpful items that will make your experience enjoyable are bottled water, a luggage carrier (for transporting items to the park from your car), sun block, an umbrella, sun-blocking hats, snacks, and trash bags. Depending on the weather, you may want to bring a tarp or plastic barrier to sit on. Unhelpful items to bring to Thunder over Louisville include fireworks, grills, and obvious containers of alcohol.

Plan your exit strategy wisely

After Thunder concludes, Louisville is congested with traffic for several hours after the event. Instead of sitting in the car, consider staying in Downtown, Frankfort Avenue, Old Louisville, or the Highlands for the Thunder after-parties. Although many of these parties are related to alcohol, many sit-down restaurants are not following this theme. One popular pedestrian location after Thunder will be Fourth Street Live.

Things for kids to do while waiting for Thunder

Since the Blue Angels will not be having their air show during the afternoon, many parents are wondering what they will do with their kids before the 2013 Thunder over Louisville event. In the past, it was easy to have the kids settle down on the blanket and watch the show. This year, most activities will be disbursed throughout the park. This means that parents might need extra adults for this year’s Thunder to ensure that the afternoon goes smoothly. Along with looking at the Belle of Louisville, the skate park is just around the corner from Waterfront Park. Naturally, in lieu of the air show, entrepreneurs will be likely to offer activities that kids will enjoy.

Published On Apr 15, 2013