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Final News Updates: 2013 Kentucky Derby

Published On May 3, 2013

Kentucky Derby LongshotAre you getting ready to place your bet on the Kentucky Derby? Now that the official odds and favorites have been announced, logging onto your online wagering to place money on your favorite horse is permitted. Before you make your final selection, take a look at relevant news headlines that have emerged in the past week before the 2013 Kentucky Derby.

The 2013 Kentucky Derby long shot emerges

In the past week, two horses have the dropped out of the contenders list. Replacing them are two horses that no one thought would get a chance to run in the Derby. In twentieth place on the 2013 Kentucky Derby contenders list is Fear The Kitten. Regardless, the official oddsmaker of Churchill Downs has listed Giant Finish as the long shot.

The official top favorite: Orb

Along with other horses, the official Churchill Downs oddsmaker listed Orb as his top favorite. Sadly, this horse has a little bit of bad luck because it will be from the first post position. Turf writer Jerry Bossert from the New York Daily News states that a horse has not won from the first post position in the Kentucky Derby since 1986.

Pitino Triple Crown?

Louisville Cardinals basketball coach, Rick Pitino, has been a Bluegrass State favorite for the past three decades. He has coached both of the major university teams in Kentucky to NCAA victory and has multiple awards to boot. Over the past few months, he has been awarded as an NCAA Champ and Hall of Famer. Now, it is speculated by many that Pitino could earn a 2013 “Triple Crown” for his Kentucky Derby contender Goldencents. However, this is not necessarily a sure bet since Goldencents’ trainer, Shug McGaughey, has never won a Kentucky Derby. With a Todd Pletcher-dominated field for 2013, we will see if Pitino knows good horse talent when he sees it.

Is Palace Malice in the top?

Each turf writer at a major media outlet in America is posting an article to defend their top Kentucky Derby picks. Since you cannot pick the top favorite and cover it repeatedly, each horse gets a chance to shine. For this reason, do not lose your nerve if you have already picked a horse you like for the 2013 Derby that is based on solid research. On the other hand, if you find an author that has a good argument, it cannot hurt to put a couple of dollars down simply based on a hunch.

139th Kentucky Derby Date and Time Facts

Published On Apr 30, 2013

Run for the RosesAre you looking for facts about the date and time that the 139th Kentucky Derby begins? Placing an effective bet on the Kentucky Derby means getting your facts straight. After all, the odds are not released until a few days before the race, and you will not be able to place your bet prior to that. For all of the details related to the Kentucky Derby, this website strives to be the best. Based on research done by our writers, the following information has been gathered from the strongest resources online.

What is the Kentucky Derby?

If you do not understand what the Kentucky Derby is you would not be the first person that is afraid to admit to this. While everyone seems to know exactly why the Kentucky Derby is important, there is always a first time to learn this information. Simply put, the Kentucky Derby has a lot of significance because it is the oldest Thoroughbred horse race in the United States. The fact that it has continued uninterrupted for this long is part of the reason why it is revered.

Where is the Kentucky Derby at?

The 2013 Kentucky Derby is the 139th race in this series. Without exception, this race is held each year at Churchill Downs. More specifically, Churchill Downs is located at Fourth Street and Central Street in Louisville, Kentucky. While this neighborhood does not have a specific name, it is located near the University of Louisville.

When is the 2013 Kentucky Derby date?

The date for the Kentucky Derby changes each year, but there is one way you can always mark it on your calendar. Since the beginning, it has been held on the first Sunday in May. The specific date for the Kentucky Derby in 2013 is May 4.

What time is Kentucky Derby?

Tourists start arriving at Churchill Downs early in the morning on the day of the Kentucky Derby. Most of the time, ticket holders show up early in order to examine the horses in their stalls before the race begins. What most people do not realize is that there are other races taking place on Derby Day and that the Kentucky Derby does not actually begin until later in the afternoon. With the exception of Kentucky Derby events that occur on rainy days, the post time (the time the race is run) starts at 6:42 PM EST precisely.

When are the results of the Kentucky Derby announced?

If you are watching the race, you will immediately know if your horse won the Kentucky Derby. However, this is different from getting the results. The results will tell you the time each horse finished and the order they finished in. The special announcements that give all of these details is usually released within a few hours after the race has concluded.

When can I get the payout on my bet for the Kentucky Derby?

Immediately after the Kentucky Derby ends, winners rush to the betting clerks to get their payouts. After a long day watching the races, few attendants of the Kentucky Derby want to stand in line to collect their winnings. For this reason, most people are choosing to place their bets online. By using a smartphone, you can collect your winnings and have them transferred by pressing a button. Of course, if you need help figuring out which betting websites to use, if we have thorough reviews available through

2013 Kentucky Derby Celebrities Preview

Published On Apr 21, 2013

One of the most exciting parts about the Kentucky Derby is the large number of celebrity tourists that attend. If you have always wanted to meet a famous star, there are plenty of ways that you can do this before and during the Kentucky Derby. Our writers at have lived in the vicinity of Churchill Downs for the past two decades, and have a few tips to share with our readers.

If you get lucky and have a chance to meet a celebrity attending 2013 Kentucky Derby activities, do not forget to ask them which horse they are betting on. It could wind up being the lucky betting tip that you have been searching for.

Where you will find celebrities before the Derby

Lynda CarterWeeks before the Derby begin, celebrities start to show up for all of the Kentucky Derby Festival grand events such as the Pegasus Parade, Great Balloon Festival, and the expansive fireworks display called Thunder over Louisville. Naturally, getting the perfect outfit for the big race means meeting with local Kentucky milliners and dressmakers. Celebrities also flocked to Louisville because it is well established as a gourmet city. Nevertheless, most celebrities sighted around Louisville long before the Kentucky Derby begins are found eating at local fried chicken restaurants, eating at acclaimed refugee-owned restaurants, and having a taste of Louisville-roasted coffee.

Where to find Kentucky Derby celebrities

Where there is luxury, you are bound to find a Kentucky Derby celebrity. In Louisville, this means that they are still liable to be in hundreds of locations. For instance, there are a variety of four and five star hotels in Downtown Louisville. At Churchill Downs, it is the higher priced tickets for Millionaire’s Row that attracts celebrities. One  major event that will host a wide variety of celebrity tourists is the Barnstable Brown Party.

Celebrity Day at the Downs

Obviously, you will not be able to list all of the celebrities that have shown up for the Kentucky Derby over the past 138 years. Nevertheless, the main idea is that you should expect greatness. For example, former Presidents and Queen Elizabeth are not the only highest-ranking member of society that have shown up in the past the 10 years. This is what makes the Celebrity Day at the Downs such a treat. Most importantly, the main celebrity that horse racing fans get to meet is the Pegasus Parade Grand Marshal. In 2012, the Grand Marshal was Cyndi Lauper. This year, the Celebrity Day at the Downs 2013 will be held on the 6th floor of Churchill Downs on May 2. The cost of the ticket is $99.Chuck Lidell

Updates for Kentucky Derby celebrities

The Courier-Journal does an excellent job with their Kentucky Derby celebrity blog of keeping locals up to speed. Kentucky Derby 2013 Buzz blog has already announced a roster for 2013 that includes Wil Heuser and Ashley Iocco. Other celebrities that have announced they are coming to a Kentucky Derby-related event are Tiki Barber, Country star Luke Bryan, Guy Fieri, and Valerie Simpson. You will be able to see the stars at the Julep Ball, Unbridled Eve Party, the Bourbon Brunch and the Silks in the Bluegrass Derby Night Gala. The “Big Brother” crew will also be on the waterfront for the Kroger’s Fest-A-Ville May 1 event from 4 to 5 PM.


Kentucky Derby 139: Five Week Two Updates For Bettors

Published On Apr 20, 2013

There are only two more weeks left until the Kentucky Derby 139 begins. With all of the excitement in the air, changes are happening rapidly. With that in mind, we have rounded up five of the most pertinent updates for bettors in the news over the past week.

Trainer could have five horses in Kentucky Derby contender’s list

The contenders list for the 2013 Kentucky Derby is not set in stone yet. However, it is obvious that trainer Todd Pletcher is going to have up to five horses running in the Kentucky Derby. That is quite an achievement and the New York Daily News reports he will also have four horses in the 2013 Kentucky Oaks. With nine horses racing over two days, it is clear that he is likely to capture first place for the 2013 Kentucky Derby and 2013 Kentucky Oaks.

Verrazano arrives at Churchill Downs

When you want your horse to win a big race, you take them to the track early and allow them to get to know the place. If you were thinking of placing a bet on Verrazano, the good news is that this horse is already practicing at Churchill Downs. This is also one of Todd Pletcher’s horses. So far, Pletcher reports that Verrazano is doing well with racing on the track at Churchill Downs. It is also important to note that the weather in Louisville has alternated between hot and cold with a few days of wet and muddy conditions during those training times.Louisville Concours d'Elegance 2011

Shanghai Bobby’s jockey now with Mylute

Many bettors are mourning the loss of Shanghai Bobby from the 2013 Kentucky Derby contenders list. Jockey Rosie Napravnik was hoping to ride him in the Kentucky Derby, but has now announced that she will be riding contender Mylute instead. At the Kentucky Derby, Napravnik will also stand to break a 20-year record for most purse money earned by a female jockey in a single year.

Winning Louisville Cardinals coach has Kentucky Derby contender

The Louisville Cardinals have been in the news over the past months for their 2012-2013 NCAA win. Leading the team is famed basketball coach Rick Pitino who has led teams to the NCAA wins for the Kentucky Wildcats and University of Louisville Cardinals. Obviously, Pitino is a basketball coaching genius, and he has been the owner of several top horses in the past decades. For the 2013 Kentucky Derby, Rick Pitino is the owner of contender Goldencents. Because everyone loves Pitino in Kentucky, Goldencents will likely be a horse that every novice gambler bets on this year.

New playoffs system draws criticism

There has been a lot of anxiety about the new Kentucky Derby points system that was put into place at the start of the prep season in September 2012. Originally, Churchill Downs officials were trying to give new horse racing fans an easier system to understand. In the past, contenders were chosen by how much money they had accumulated throughout the prep season with their purse winnings. Now, if a horse wins a certain predetermined race, they will get points. It is certainly easier to add up points than remember the dollar amount that each horse won at a different race.

Nevertheless, critics of the new system say the main problem is that bettors are still bewildered about how to place a bet on the Kentucky Derby. Obviously, we solve that problem easily at and give bettors an opportunity to learn how to place a bet and sign up for a new account.


Kentucky Derby Favorites Week 3 Update

Published On Apr 15, 2013

The 2013 Kentucky Derby Favorites Are In Sight

The end of the 2013 Arkansas Derby and the Bluegrass Stakes on Saturday, April 13 means that the world has a pretty good idea of who is going to be on the 2013 Kentucky Derby contenders list! Now that the points have been tallied, the top 20 horses appear to be firmly locked in for May 4, 2013. This means horse betting fans can start serious handicapping and making their own decisions about which horses are the favorites.

Here is an overview of what you missed, who had to drop out, and why your bet depends on watching the two remaining Wild Card races.

Remember, the remaining 2013 Wild Card Kentucky Derby races will take place on:

  • April 20 – Lexington Stakes, Keeneland Racetrack in Lexington, KY
  • April 27 – (Cliff’s Edge) Derby Trial, Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY
  • May 4 – Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY

Should you bother watching the Wild Card races?

The only races that Kentucky Derby horses can earn points for are the Wild Card races. Unlike the Arkansas Derby and Bluegrass Stakes, contenders will not earn 100 points for first place. Instead, they can only earn 20 points for first place, 8 for third, 4 for second, and 2 for fourth place. Regardless of the low point earnings keep in mind that the two remaining races are notable for two particularly good reasons.2013 Kentucky Derby Week 3

First of all, watching the Derby Trial at Churchill Downs on April 27 means you get to see the top points earners in action on the track. It is essentially like watching a preview of the upcoming 2013 Kentucky Derby. This is fantastic news for bettors that want to tighten up their predictions.

Secondly, the contenders list for the 2013 Kentucky Derby is not set in stone. Instead, there are five horses with 20 points each that are looking to land in the top 20. Obviously, a single horse that currently has 20 points can earn 40 points in the two Wild Card races and end up over-powering Falling Sky, Super Ninety Nine, Uncaptured, or Oxbow.

Horses that you should keep your eye on are:

  • Merit Man: 20, Bob Hess, Jr.
  • Charming Kitten: 20, Todd Pletcher
  • Den’s Legacy: 20, Bob Baffert, Garrett Gomez
  • Departing: 20, Al Stall, Jr.
  • Code West : 20, Bob Baffert, Martin Garcia
  • West Hills Giant: 20, John Terranova, Jose Espinoza

Three horses drop out of the top 20

In the past two weeks, three hopefuls threw in the towel after competing over the last eight months in the 2012-2013 Kentucky Derby prep season. Although they earned enough points to be in the top 20, injuries have them sidelined. Naturally, they will all be missed, but some horse racing fans have had their hopes on Shanghai Bobby since he won the two-year old Juvenile Race at the 2012 Breeders’ Cup in November. Other horses dropping out of the race are trainer Jerry Hollendorfer’s Hear The Ghost and Bob Baffert’s Flashback.

Top Kentucky Derby point earners

Are you excited to see who is currently in the running for the top 20? There have been several moves up the list in the past couple of weeks with Orb holding strong in first place with the same 150 points. However, he now has a rival with Verrazano’s recent bump up.

As of April 14, 2013, the following horses have accumulated the most points:

1. Orb: 150 points, Shug McGaughey (trainer), John Velazquez (jockey)

2. Verrazano: 150, Todd Pletcher, John Velazquez

3. Goldencents: 129, Doug O’Neill, Kevin Krigger

4. Java’s War: 122, Kenny McPeek, Willie Martinez

5. Overanalyze: 110, Todd Pletcher, Ramon Dominguez

6. Revolutionary: 110, Todd Pletcher, Ramon Dominguez

7. Lines of Battle: 100, Aiden O’Brien

8. Vyjack: 70, Rudy Rodriguez, Cornelio Velasquez

9. Will Take Charge: 60, D. Wayne Lukas, Jon Court

10. Itsmyluckyday: 50, Edward Plesa Jr., Paco Lopez

11. Governor Charlie: 50, Bob Baffert

12. Black Onyx: 50, Kelly Breen

Hear The Ghost: 50, Jerry Hollendorfer, Corey Nakatani*

13. Palace Malice: 50, Todd Pletcher, Rosie Napravnik

14. Normandy Invasion: 44, Chad Brown

15. Frac Daddy: 44, Doug O’Neill

16. Mylute: 42, Tom Amoss

17. Oxbow: 36, D. Wayne Lukas, Jon Court

18. Uncaptured: 30, Mark Casse, Miguel Mena

Flashback: 30, Bob Baffert, Julien Leparoux*

19. Super Ninety Nine: 30, Bob Baffert, Rafael Bejarano

20. Falling Sky: 30, John Terranova, Jose Espinoza

Shanghai Bobby: 24, Todd Pletcher, Rosie Napravnik*

*Withdrawn from the Kentucky Derby

2013 Kentucky Derby: Five Week Four Updates

Published On Apr 8, 2013

News headlines from the month before the 2013 Kentucky Derby are proving to be just as thrilling as the race itself. Most importantly, the contenders list is beginning to shape up with only seven wins left in the Kentucky Derby prep race lineup. Along with better picks from prominent odds speculators, Kentucky Derby-related news has revealed a secret to Kentucky Derby winners that every gambler must know.

Secret and unusual Kentucky Derby pick tip

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to figure out which horse will win the Kentucky Derby because too many of the variables are similar. For example, many of the top contenders from the 2013 Kentucky Derby prep race season have the same trainers or have recently used the same jockeys. Moreover, horses with bloodlines that have previous Kentucky Derby winners in their ancestry are not always a good way to discern which horse will finish in first place.Kentucky Derby Weekly Update

However, the Iowa Times-Republican newspaper recently reported one clear indicator that a horse is likely to win the Kentucky Derby. Although he is only 54, scientist Gary Pusillo has provided nutrition for 14 Kentucky Derby winners. This includes the 2012 Kentucky Derby winner, I’ll Have Another. So far, news sources have not revealed which horses are using Pusillo for the 2013 Kentucky Derby. Nevertheless, you can expect the writers from to reveal this potential betting tip as soon as it is leaked.

Goldencents is a 2013 Kentucky Derby contender

Although there are still seven races in the next month before the Kentucky Derby, Goldencents has secured his place in the top 20. As the winner of the 2013 Santa Anita Derby on April 6, Goldencents is destined for the contenders list, but time will tell if he is a finisher in the top three for the Kentucky Derby.

A second contender for the 2013 Derby

Horse racing headlines have been swarming with the rivalry between Vyjack and Verrazano. Bringing this tension to an end, Verrazano was triumphant and took the first place spot at the 2013 Wood Memorial on April 6. Now Verrazano joins Goldencents as part of the small group of horses that bettors can evaluate for the 2013 Kentucky Derby winners circle.

Pick experts shape up their lists

In Louisville, all local horse bettors check with Jennie Rees at the Courier-Journal for their Churchill Downs news. This year, she has joined up with nine other horse racing professionals to give their opinion on 2013 Kentucky Derby odds. The Top 10 Poll voters for week 7 frequently mentions Orb as a top contender.

Shanghai Bobby is feeling weird

After winning the 2012 Breeders’ Cup, everyone had their eye on Shanghai Bobby. Sadly, his trainer, Todd Pletcher, has decided that he needs to be rested and will miss the 2013 Kentucky Derby. Regardless, this does not mean Shanghai Bobby is finished in 2013. Instead, he will gear up for some of the races “later in the season” — which may include the Belmont Stakes.

2013 Kentucky Derby Favorites

Published On Apr 2, 2013

In the past, the Kentucky Derby was operating on a system that meant no one knew which horses would run in the race until the week before it happened. Now, a tournament bracket system is in effect, and this means that bettors have an edge on 2013 Kentucky Derby favorites in advance. A month before the race, about 30 horses have risen to the top of the ranks. While it is not set in stone, the possibility that 20 of these horses will make the cut for the big race is high.

Naturally, when it is time to place your Kentucky Derby bet, this website is here to help. Whether you need to understand gambling, how to place a bet online, or need a complete list of Kentucky Derby contenders, we are here to get you started.

The Last Leg of the Prep Race season

The most prestigious races of the Kentucky Derby prep race season occur in the six weeks before it begins. Although the first prep races were in September 2012, the number of points awarded to these winners was low. However, each of the winners from the last six weeks of racing before the Kentucky Derby will be awarded 100 points for first place, 40 for second, 20 for third and 10 for fourth place.

The final races for the 2012-2013 Kentucky Derby prep race season are:

  • March 30 – Florida Derby
  • March 30 – UAE Derby
  • March 30 – Louisiana Derby
  • April 6 – Wood Memorial
  • April 6 – Santa Anita Derby
  • April 13 – Arkansas Derby
  • April 13 – Bluegrass Stakes

Keep in mind that there are also two final Wild Card races that close the Kentucky Derby prep race season. Horses that win that race will be given 20 points for first place, eight for second place, four for third place, and two points for fourth place.

The 2013 Wild Card Kentucky Derby races will take place on:

  • April 20 – Lexington Stakes
  • April 27 – Derby Trial

Top 35 Kentucky Derby point earners

The Kentucky Derby tournament bracket system makes spotting the winners much easier. So far, the Kentucky Derby has ramped several stars into the spotlight along with their trainers and jockeys. Obviously, some of these contenders, trainers, and jockeys are mentioned repeatedly — hinting at their prominence in the horse racing world. Of course, each step of the way, we will be here to provide you with helpful advice about placing Kentucky Derby bets, selecting the right horses, and setting up your first online wagering account complete with our exclusive sign-on bonuses.

As of March 31, 2013, the following horses have accumulated the most points:

1. Orb: 150 points, Shug McGaughey (trainer), John Velazquez (jockey)

2. Revolutionary: 110, Todd Pletcher, Ramon Dominguez

3. Lines of Battle: 100, Aiden O’Brien

4. Will Take Charge: 60, D. Wayne Lukas, Jon Court

5. Itsmyluckyday: 50, Edward Plesa Jr., Paco Lopez

6. Vyjack: 50, Rudy Rodriguez, Cornelio Velasquez

7. Governor Charlie: 50, Bob Baffert

8. Black Onyx: 50, Kelly Breen

9. Verrazano: 50, Todd Pletcher, John Velazquez

10. Hear The Ghost: 50, Jerry Hollendorfer, Corey Nakatani

11. Mylute: 42, Tom Amoss

12. Oxbow: 36, D. Wayne Lukas, Jon Court

13. Uncaptured: 30, Mark Casse, Miguel Mena

14. Flashback: 30, Bob Baffert, Julien Leparoux

15. Goldencents: 29, Doug O’Neill, Kevin Krigger

16. Shanghai Bobby: 24, Todd Pletcher, Rosie Napravnik

17. Java’s War : 22, Kenny McPeek, Willie Martinez

18. Merit Man: 20, Bob Hess, Jr.

19. Den’s Legacy: 20, Bob Baffert, Garrett Gomez

20. Falling Sky: 20, John Terranova, Jose Espinoza

21. Departing: 20, Al Stall, Jr.

22. Code West : 20, Bob Baffert, Martin Garcia

23. West Hills Giant: 20, John Terranova, Jose Espinoza

24. Golden Soul: 14, Dallas Stewart

25. Dynamic Sky: 13, Mark Casse, Luis Contreras

26. Speak Logistics: 11, Joel Rosario, Eddie Plesa Jr.

27. Overanalyze: 10, Todd Pletcher, Ramon Dominguez

28. Super Ninety Nine: 10, Bob Baffert, Rafael Bejarano

29. Power Broker: 10, Bob Baffert, Rafael Bejarano

30. Abraham: 10, Todd Pletcher

31. Giant Finish: 10, Tony Dutrow

32. Palace Malice: 10, Todd Pletcher, Rosie Napravnik

33. Elnaawi: 10, Kiaran McLaughlin, Channing Hill

34. Tiz A Minister: 10, Paul Aguirre, Garrett Gomez

35. Texas Bling: 9, Danele Durham

Kentucky Derby Festival 2013 Dates Announced

Published On Mar 21, 2013

Are you searching for 2013 Kentucky Derby Festival dates? Long before the Kentucky Derby, this organization ensures that Louisville locals and tourists can celebrate in over 50 ways. Although there are unofficial festivities taking place during the months of March, April and May, the ones associated with the website are listed at the bottom of this page. To ensure you do not forget to bring your Pegasus Pin, the Kentucky Derby Festival dates in this article are grouped into ticketed events, ones that require a Pegasus Pin, and other. For locations times or links to individual websites for the events, consult the website and click on the “discover” tab located in the upper right hand corner of the homepage.

One of the things you will see when you are at some Kentucky Derby events is a chance to learn more about betting. However, do not forget that is a fantastic resource for understanding how to place a bet or evaluate which horse has the best chance of winning. We also provide our website visitors with a chance to sign up for a new Kentucky Derby betting account and provide reviews of betting websites.

Tip: Most of these events are limited to one day, but the two exceptions are the Chow Wagon and US Bank Great Balloon Fest. Taking place from April 25 to May 3, a Pegasus Pin is required to enter the Chow Wagon area. The Great Balloon Fest is also a Pegasus Pin event and runs from April 25 to 27.

Ticketed 2013 Kentucky Derby Fest events:

March 28 – Macy’s Spring Fashion Show

April 14 – Basketball Classic

April 17 – Taste of Derby Festival

April 18 – Horseshoe Foundation Night of the Future Stars

April 19 – They’re Off! Luncheon

April 20 – Fillies Derby Ball

April 26 – Running Wild Pasta Dinner

April 27 – KDF Marathon and Mini Marathon

April 27 – NPC Derby Championships

April 27 – Da ‘Ville Classic Drum Line Showcase College Fair

April 28 – Subway’s Mini Fun Run

April 28 – Mayor’s Derby Brunch on the River

April 28 – Children’s Tea with the Kentucky Derby Festival Princesses

April 30 – Texas Hold ‘Em

April 30 – Kentucky Proud WineFest

May 1 – Great Steamboat Race

May 2 – Celebrity Day at the Downs

May 2 – 100 Black Men of Louisville Derby Gala

May 2 – Republic Bank Pegasus Parade

Pegasus Pin required for entry:

April 4 – McDonald’s Thunder Preview Party

April 20 – Thunder Over Louisville

April 20 – Ford’s Thunder on the Ground

April 25 – Kroger’s Fest-a-ville

April 25 to

May 3 – Chow Wagon

April 25 to 27 – US Bank Great Balloon Fest: includes the Great Balloon Fest Glimmer, Rush-Hour Race, Glow and Race finale

April 26 – Zumba Fitness Jam

April 28 – Gospel Fest

April 28 – Louisville Youth Orchestra Concert April 29 – Happy Tail Hour

April 29 – Great Bed Races

April 29 – Discovery Day presented by PNC

April 30 – Republic Bank Pegasus Parade Preview Party

April 30 – Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Kentucky Derby Festival Healthy April Lifestyle Showcase 30 – Ramble for the Roses

May 1 – Battle of the Bounce

May 3 – Kroger’s Derby Eve Jam

Other 2013 Kentucky Derby events:

April 13 – Give A Day Volunteer

April 16 – King Southern Bank Kentucky Derby Festival Foundation Pro-Am Golf Tournament

April 18 – Stock Yard’s Bank $1 Million Dollar Hole-in-One-Golf Contest

April 21 – Kentucky Derby Festival Volleyball Classic

April 29 – Don Fightmaster Golf Outing April 29 – ATT Kentucky Derby Festival Morning Line

May 1 – Battle of the Bounce

Kentucky State Betting

Published On Nov 19, 2012

It appears that Kentucky Derby betting is changing – but is that true? While California was due to switch to exchange betting, the legislature decided at the last minute that May, 2012 was not the appropriate time. This left a lot of betting exchanges feeling that the state laws were still in the dark ages. While bettors and those that facilitate wagers are still angry about California’s decision, what does that have to do with the Kentucky Derby? Like California, within the state of Kentucky there are plenty of lawmakers that hold up production and keep betting from moving forward.
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Bettors Welcome 2013 Kentucky Derby Preseason Races

Published On Oct 4, 2012

Unlike other years before it, the Kentucky Derby preseason races now officially start in September. By changing the way that the contenders are selected, Kentucky Derby organizers hoped to introduce a system that is similar to other tournaments and playoffs. Now, race horse bettors have more horse races to focus on than ever before, hence, more excitement throughout the year.

With new interest in getting amateur horse bettors into the mix, old pros will have bigger betting pools for each of these 36 horse races, the Kentucky Derby preseason races. Although the action really heats up between February and May, there are 12 races before that with potential big wins.
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