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Top Funny Kentucky Derby Moments

Published On May 3, 2013

The Kentucky Derby is a serious event, but that does not mean that it is completely without humor. In the past few years, professional media sources and amateur filmmaking tourists have captured some hilarious moments related to the Kentucky Derby. Along with the anticipation in anxiety of out which horse will win, there is also a great deal of fun to be had.

Cyndi Lauper at the 2012 Kentucky Derby

The 2012 Pegasus Parade was led by musicians Cyndi Lauper, and there were a few funny videos related to her visit. For example, Lauper reveals to a reporter that she once worked at the Belmont racetrack when she was younger. There was also an awkward moment where Lauper reveals that she cries easily, and the video blogger strangely said he shared that same quality.

The high jumper in the Infield

The party at the Churchill Downs Infield during the Kentucky Derby is notorious for attracting the police. For this reason, there has been a steady decline in the number of weird things that people are allowed to do. Since they banned horse racing fans from running on top of the port-a-lets, the new competition is to jump over a trash can. In one funny video about the Kentucky Derby, a man accomplishes this goal with ease.

Silliest way to pick a Kentucky Derby horse

One of the reasons that people visit the Kentucky Derby in person is to see celebrities. In 2012, Ice T showed up with Coco and gave an interview to the local news media. Ice T picked three horses that ended up losing, but Coco’s method of picking a Kentucky Derby horse was hysterical. She says that she chooses a horse based on how big its butt is. The horse that the biggest butt is her choice to win.

The Great Bed Races

Few of the Kentucky Derby Festival activities are clearly focused on humor in the way that the Great Bed Races are. It used to be called “The Bedlam in the Streets” and is used today as a way for businesses to compete against each other. Over time, a trend for wearing hilarious costumes developed. The true humor in this Kentucky Derby event can be found in videos from past races.

A few funny Kentucky Derby trivia facts

Although they are not funny moments, one of the main activities for Kentucky Derby writers each year is rounding up the most obscure forms of trivia related to the event. Over the years, there have been some interesting oddities related to Derby Day. For example, winners of the Kentucky Derby often save some of the roses to be freeze-dried or dipped in metal to preserve them. There have also been a large number of Kentucky Derby contenders that are owned by celebrities such as Steven Spielberg. For more fun facts about the Kentucky Derby, try searching Google with the books or videos option. You can also check for funny blog posts about the Kentucky Derby in our news section.

11 Funny Ways to Pick a Kentucky Derby Winner

Published On Apr 29, 2013

Funny Kentucky Derby PictureThere are plenty of serious bettors in the world that invest thousands of dollars in Kentucky Derby wagering each year. However, what if you want to use $100 and randomly choose a winner? After all, part of the thrill of betting is being surprised when you actually win. Instead of doing your homework with handicapping, you can take your chances with these 11 funny ways to pick a Kentucky Derby winner at random.

1. The gray mare always wins

Most Thoroughbreds that run in the Kentucky Derby are a standard chestnut brown color. Despite this, a few are white or gray. In betting lore, it is generally stated that the grey horse is most likely to win. You can test this theory for yourself by picking the lightest colored horse as the winner.

2. The horse has your favorite number

When it is time for the big race, each horse gets a number to wear based on where they will exit the starting gate. If you have a lucky number, this can be one of the easiest ways to randomly select a horse for your bet.

3. Pick the horse that represents your state

Most people assume that Thoroughbred horses are born and raised in the Bluegrass State, but this is not necessarily true. For this reason, if you have you heard a little bit of the history of a horse and learn that it is tied to the state that you live in, you can show some solidarity by betting on it.

4. Choose the color of the jockey silks

Everyone has a favorite color, and Kentucky Derby jockeys give you plenty of chances to have your colors represented. If you find the colors to be particularly lucky, do not hesitate to place a bet on a horse based on the jockey silks.

5. The horse has family you respect

Breeders take exceptional care to ensure that Thoroughbreds have at least one Kentucky Derby winner in their family history. By checking the pedigree of a Kentucky Derby contender, you can find a horse to bet on based on their family tree.

6. There is something about the name that you like

Picking a name for a horse is difficult because the registering agency requires each name to be unique. After four hundred years of naming racehorses, it is next to impossible for a breeder to assign anything but unusual names. For this reason, if there is something about the name that appeals to you, this could be the premonition you need to bet on this particular horse.

7. The jockey is going to set a record

There are many aspects of horse racing to enjoy, and the records set by the jockeys are a good reason to place a bet on them. For instance, African American jockeys once dominated the sport, and 2013 is the first year that one will be represented in the race in several decades.

8. This year, you decide to pick the long shot

Amateur bettors tend to focus on the favorites because they are the most likely to win. Nevertheless, recent Kentucky Derby winners prove that sometimes it is the long shot that takes the trophy. This means that you should not be ashamed of spending a few dollars on the horse that is least likely to win.

9. Your gut instinct says to avoid the favorite

All of the news agencies are speculating that horse number five will win the 2013 Kentucky Derby. Regardless, you have a nagging feeling that says that horse number three will be the actual winner. In this case, you can always bet on everyone’s favorite and still set aside money to place a bet on the horse your gut tells you to wager on.

10. Find a lucky pick expert

Do you have a neighbor or co-worker that always seems to pick the Kentucky Derby winner each year? Knowing someone that has a winning streak is a good enough reason to put your money where their mouth is.

11. Lock in all of your favorites with a Trifecta box

If you still cannot decide which horse is going to win and which place it will win in, you can save yourself some stress with a Trifecta or superfecta box. A straightforward Trifecta means that you buy a ticket that says certain horses will win in a specified order. By buying the box option, you will be able to place a bet on three horses, and it does not matter which order they win in. If you have more than three horses in mind, you can get the superfecta box instead.

Of course, if you want to do more than randomly select and horse to win, we have the tools at to help you get the best results. To see some of the updates from this year’s Kentucky Derby, check out our blog.