Pick Experts 2013 Kentucky Derby

When you want to place the best bet on the Kentucky Derby, it is essential to have a second opinion before you invest hundreds or thousands of dollars. This is why picks experts for horse racing are sought after by bettors. However, how do you know who has the best opinion? While many pick experts are amateurs, others have a long track record of predicting winners. If you want an edge on the best 2013 horse pickers in the business, stay tuned.

Whom should I listen to about Kentucky Derby picks?

Jack Conway Major newspapers and horse-related online blogs want to capture the attention of horse racing fans around the Kentucky Derby. Sadly, when you look through the website, you see very little coverage of horse racing or betting the rest of the year. In other words, these media sources want to create a presence, but they do not always hire experts to make horse racing picks or cover the Kentucky Derby. Alternatively, if you want to know who you should be listening to about Kentucky Derby predictions, the following criteria will help you choose your expert:

  • Horse racing turf writers and editors retired trainers
  • Former jockeys
  • Racetrack managerial staff
  • Eclipse Award winners
  • Unexpected pick expert

It might be someone’s job to figure out the next Kentucky Derby winner, but that does not mean they actually predict the correct outcome. Interestingly, there is one horse racing outsider that has been on a winning streak. Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway has correctly picked the Kentucky Derby winner for the past two years and tells DerbyBetting.org writers that he hopes this year will be his “Trifecta.”

The ultimate Churchill Downs pick expert

The Kentucky Derby is serious business, and this is why Churchill Downs is careful to assign a single person to the “pick experts” category. Instead, they have their official oddsmaker, Mike Battaglia, and other staff members that give their professional opinions on Kentucky Derby predictions. For example, John Asher gives ongoing updates on his Derby favorites. He is also one of the best people to look to for 2013 picks advice because he is Vice President of Racing Communications at Churchill Downs and has a history of Kentucky Derby broadcasting.

Other important picks experts giving their opinions on the 2013 Kentucky Derby are:

  • Jennie Rees
  • Bob Ehalt
  • Ed DeRosa
  • Paul Moran
  • Barry Abrams
  • Jay Cronley
  • Bill Finley
  • Kellie Reilly
  • Terry Turrell
  • Claire Novak
  • Gary West
  • Kerry Carlson

DIY 2013 Kentucky Derby picks

It is great to get an opinion about the possible outcome of the Kentucky Derby, but you can also formulate your own opinions. Called handicapping, making a prediction about this year’s race is possible with online resources. For instance, checking pedigree charts lets you know if your favorite horse is related to any other Kentucky Derby winners. You can also watch videos of past races to see how horses perform on various kinds of racetrack surfaces.

Naturally, DerbyBetting.org is here to help you pick the right horse, and we can also help you figure out how to place bets. For all the latest updates about the Kentucky Derby and contenders, take a look at our blog.

Published On Apr 25, 2013