Kentucky Derby: Year of Surprises and PR

This year, during the 138th Kentucky Derby is looking up to be a game changer and may go down in history all thanks to the participating competitors that will be running in it. People have already begun to pick their favorites from among the horses during their track training, and those decisions will either be cemented or will be shattered after the Kentucky Derby eve event, the Kentucky Oaks. The anticipation is growing as May 5th approaches, and even more so with a Derby favorite being such a special case.

In the history of the Kentucky Derby has there been a white horse to ever cross first at the finish line, but that may just change with Hansen. Hansen is a nearly pure white steed, with only two-years of age that has begun to turn heads. This is what makes this year’s event such a wonder, with many, not excluding Hansen’s owner, from believing that this white horse may change derby history. Hansen’s owner, Dr. Kendall Hansen, proudly wears a shirt with the words “The Great White Hope” written on it, demonstrating to others his faith in his horse.

The reason behind this buzz is the fact that white horses have never actually won at the Kentucky Derby for a particular reason. White horses actually make up a small portion of the thoroughbreds that compete; making up for less than 8 percent of foals born each year. There is something amazing going on with Hansen since it is technically a gray with dark skin. These kinds of horses eventually turn white; however they do so at a much later age. This is why Hansen’s age makes it such a weird accomplishment, turning nearly 90 percent white at such an early age.

Horse racing fans are not only waiting to see if this great white steed will break the long streak of non-white horse winners, but also be able to spark the interest of others. They are hoping this hype will generate a lot of media, and in turn bring the sport back to its former glory. In the past horse racing and especially the Kentucky Derby, were deemed sports events for the wealthy and the people with hopes of winning big. With the amount of PR that the fans and media are creating, which is surrounding this mythical white horse, is astonishing.

They are trying to create a bigger following by always mentioning this mythical white horse, as if trying to link Hansen’s image to that of the creatures of myths and legends, like the mighty winged horse Pegasus, which was white. There are many other mentions of mighty white steeds and this can lead to people linking Hansen to those horses that bring up memories of battles, glory, and victory. This is for the racing fans that want to bet it all on the white horse racing for fame and fortune, hoping to be part of Kentucky Derby history.

There are others that say that this story won’t be enough to even scratch the surface of getting the derby back to its former glory. There is just too much going on in the sport that affects it negatively, such as finding the fine line between health drugs and sport enhancing drugs. Kentucky Derby officials voted a while back trying to ban the anti-bleeding drug, but failed after a vote. It is all of this controversy that has made the sport go downhill. No matter how much buzz Hansen can give the sport, in the end it will not make but an entertaining story for those already paying attention to the Kentucky Derby.

It does not matter if Hansen, the great white steed, can generate new fans, since his story may change the derby’s history and entertain the fans already interested. Keeping those loyal fans is also an important aspect that the Kentucky Derby should always keep in mind. Either way, this is going to be a great Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby Betting

For all those racing fans looking for a little less fame and a little more fortune at this year’s 138th Kentucky Derby should have a fun time to say the least. The races favorites are Bodemeister, with his odds being 4-1, Gemologist with his odds being 6-1, and Dullahan coming in with 8-1 odds. These three great horses are followed closely by others, including Union Rags and sensationalized white icon, Hansen; coming in at 9/2 and 10-1 odds respectively. There are many other great horses whose odds are not that great, making for a good underdog story; not to mention the fact that the payout would be much greater. Having a hard time picking which horse you want to win, cover all of your bases by betting Place or Show, picking who will come in 1st, 2nd, and possibly 3rd. There are all kinds of ways to bet in order to spread out and maximize possible winnings. As there are several races, picking a multiple bet, or Parlay, could also be a good way to enjoy the races at its fullest. Whether getting all the information and analyzing it, or simply placing a bet on gut instinct, the Kentucky Derby betting scene should be at its highest; where anyone can get the fortune they want.

Published On May 5, 2012