Hats, Drinks, and a Chance of Showers at the Kentucky Derby

The 138th Kentucky Derby promises to be an eventful day, where people from all around will join in watching the greatest two minutes in sports history. Although the weather forecasts have predicted a sunny afternoon for the derby eve event, the Kentucky Oaks, sadly it will not be the same for the main event. The local weather has been predicted to have showers, and could even develop into storms. These threats may dampen the race track but it certainly won’t dampen the fans or the horses’ spirits. With the media making this race out to be a possible history changer, many fans are anticipating a great two minute battle between the jockeys and their great horses.

Even with the weather forecast looking gloomy, the fans are still up for going to the track in style. As it was customary, and still is, at the Kentucky Derby for the men to wear their finest suits and for the women to wear their best southern fashion. Organizers of the Kentucky Derby have admitted that even though the derby is an amazing sporting event, it isn’t only about the race. The race will be over in two minutes, but the whole experience of going, enjoying, and making memories will also have a big impact on the popularity of the event. The event in its glory days was all about class and style, and this is what makes it such a highly anticipated event; where men and women can both dress for the occasion.

For the women race enthusiasts, this is a whole experience in itself. Getting dressed from head to toe will be the number one priority. There are a few trends that have been gaining popularity and will be roaring at the Derby. As such, for dresses and A-line skirts it is said that floral prints are the best option, showing the adorable feminine side. These ladies should also sport accessories, preferably coral-colored; showing off these radiant colors with belts, purses, and bracelets. The heels are also a must wear. Using a kitten heel will be sure to send a sexy vibe while keeping it ladylike. The number one must wear at the Kentucky Derby, and the thing that screams warm weather and being a lady is wearing a trendy and classy Kentucky derby hats.

Hats are a big to-do at the Derby. Women come with all sorts of hats, but they all have one thing in common, they match their outfit and their personality. There are big, ruffled hats for the ostentatious women looking to show off their elegance, while there are other hats that are made with the classic look, making the owner look sleek and petite. Fashion isn’t the only reason for these hats. The hats also serve the purpose of protecting the soft and fragile skin of the spectators. Keeping the sun out of their eyes and keeping their head cool, so they can enjoy the experience and thrill of the race.

Men go to the Kentucky Derby for three things, the horses, the betting, and the drinks. They put on their finest suit and march down to the racetrack looking for an exciting time. Watching the graceful, yet powerful horses running down the track, while they place bets on their favorite horses or on the underdog hoping for the big payout. During this whole time they sip on the traditional beverage, the mint julep. This great drink became a part of the Churchill Down’s in 1938, making it the signature cocktail. During the main event, they will be selling only 75 collector’s cups, marking the 75th anniversary of it becoming the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. Ten of those cups will be made of sterling silver, plated in 24 karat gold, along with a 43-diamond horseshoe. The proceeds of these sales will go to The Heart Of A Horse Foundation.


Betting the Kentucky Derby

Watching the horse race may be entertaining, but it becomes even more thrilling when you place a bet on the horse you think will win it all. The uncertainty at the start, the adrenalin rush during, and then the joy of watching your horse pass the finish line by a nose; that is the experience that comes with placing a bet on a horse. Thinking that a fan can only bet on one horse is a common misconception. In fact, there are many ways of betting the Kentucky Derby. There is Single, Place, and Show bets where someone can pick 1st, and/or 2nd, and/or 3rd place winners. They also have tougher, but more entertaining ways of placing bets, like Perfecta, Trifecta, or Superfecta. During these a person can pick from two to four horses and pick the exact order they will cross the finish line. This creates a higher level of difficulty, but it also increases the winnings. Even if someone only is there to watch the race, nothing beats the thrill of having the horse they picked take first place.

Published On May 5, 2012