Triple Crown Races

The Kentucky Derby is certainly a well-known and celebrated race, but it is also one of three large racing events within a season. Along with The Belmont Stakes, and The Preakness Stakes, all three races in combination are referred as the “Triple Crown”. Obviously, let’s not forget that before any of these races, there are the Kentucky Derby prep races, which are sort of qualifiers of sorts too. Winning the Triple Crown is a rare feat- an accomplishment reserved for some of the best horses in racing history. Not since 1978 has there been a Triple Crown winner, with the complete list of winners shown below:

Year Winner
1919 Sir Barton
1930 Gallant Fox
1935 Omaha
1937 War Admiral
1941 Whirlaway
1943 Count Fleet
1946 Assault
1948 Citation
1973 Secretariat
1977 Seattle Slew
1978 Affirmed

Triple Crowns are not limited to American races. In other countries, including England, Ireland, Germany, and several others, each racing season will have a Triple Crown unique to that country, with their own three large racing events. Fans of horse racing and horse betting can participate in the sport and cheer on winners throughout the world.

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The Preakness

Occuring on May 19th, 2012, The Preakness Stakes will be the second largest attended horse race in the United States. Crowds will gather in Baltimore, Maryland to see the eventual winner decorated in Black-eyed Susan flowers. Pressure will be on the Kentucky Derby winner to fulfill the second of three races, attempting a shot at glory of a Triple Crown win. 2011 Preakness winner “Shackleford” won a large share of a million dollar purse, which will be up for grabs once again in 2012.

Belmont Stakes

In June, the third of three Triple Crown races will run its course. In Belmont, New York, this race will have social media buzzing with excitement if a Triple Crown could be won for the first time in more than thirty years. Even if that may not be a possibility, The Belmont Stakes will still be the fourth most significant horse race in North America, if history is any indicator. Another million dollar purse will be at stake for the field of participants. Last year it was “Ruler on Ice” who had the honor of winning.