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Are you trying to look at a TVG ( review online to see if it is right for you? When you start getting involved with horse betting, you will often see tips referring you to the TVG Network. Like others, TVG is a channel that is entirely dedicated to horse racing.

Not only can it entertain you, it can also let you watch the races that you placed a bet on. In addition to viewing, you can also listen to important commentary concerning jockeys, trainers, and the history of horse racing. Altogether, TVG can improve your ability to win in key ways, but there are some disadvantages. By using social media, true TGV reviews and where this channel is headed are revealed.

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What you can expect from TVG

Generally speaking, TVG is a horse racing television channel that is linked to a website where you can place bets. Although it has a lot to offer, this does not mean that TVG is the sole place you need to go online to get involved as a beginner. They will show the highlights of some races, but not all of them. They will also have experts, but may not show resources a beginner needs.

By and large, the biggest strength TVG has is that it is backed by Betfair. This British company has shops on and offline around the world. In most cases, they have a large number of options for taking wagers and have systems in place for non-technology savvy users.

For example, you can watch TVG and then place a wager by calling it in. This is a rare exception among places to bet on horses and suits those without computers and smartphones. They also accept a wide variety of bankrolling payment options like mailing in checks.

A mixed review of TVG also shows that you may find a higher payout by placing your bets on other websites. Just like a casino, TVG may offer you freebies, but at what expense? Overall, while there are positive reviews of TVG, some viewers and bettors have a different opinion.

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TVG reviews are mixed

Of course, when you read negative reviews about TVG, it does not mean that the complainer has a valid claim. As it appears, most of the bad reviews about TVG are centered around their gambling platform. At first, negative TVG reviews can seem like a lot of people are really upset about something important.

Unfortunately, when you research the claims, you often find that certain complaints are spam found in other forums. In other words, they play up the hype about certain negative aspects of TVG that are unnecessary.

A good example is the complaint that TVG will not accept payments from MayBank2u. Since TVG is an American company in Los Angeles, they naturally want to play by the rules and laws of California and any other state or country they are broadcasting to. The same rules apply to their website.

In other words, if someone is complaining that TVG does not support MayBank2u, does that count as a bad review?  Otherwise, many viewers did not like TVG’s news coverage of the 2011 Breeder’s Cup compared to HGTV, ESPN, or ABC. They also felt that the station passes too often on showing key races.

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TVG Racebook review on commentators

When it comes to the commentators on TVG, horseracing fans talk about them as if they are celebrities. After all, these sports newscasters get front row seats at every racing event around the world. This means meeting sheiks, rubbing elbows with famous jockeys, and being a big part of the best-known luxury pro-sport.

In this case, most viewers love Christina Olivares and Simon Bray but have a love hate relationship with Michelle Yu and Nancy Ury. After Yu left TVG in mid-2011, Ury reappeared to take her place. Sadly, in both cases, fans reviewing TVG online feel that both commentators should have a more knowledgeable background (considering their past).

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TVG Free officially over

Lately, TVG reviews have been drawing a lot of complaints over the discontinuation of TVGFree. On December 31, 2011, drew to a close. This formerly allowed residents from non-betting states to place a wager on a horse without putting down any money. Of course, this was great for beginners and others who enjoyed the game without spending cash. It was also an excellent way to get fan handicapping odds. Despite the success, TVG stated on their website that they have no immediate plans to develop a similar product.

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Review of future big changes with TVG

In 2012, there will be many changes with TVG that fans will love. Recently, they launched a beta version of their website that is friendlier for smartphone users. They are also anticipating changes in state laws that will broaden their betting capabilities.

Enacted in 2010, a California law will be put into play in May 2012. After that, exchange betting will be authorized. Since TVG is owned by Betfair, their capabilities as the world’s largest betting platform will come in handy.

In the application Betfair developed for May 2012, exchange betting will happen when “two or more individuals place directly opposing wagers on the outcome of various sporting events.”  This means that horse betting will have exchange betting, but wagering on horse races may not always be as popular as it is today.

Currently, a federal law prohibits gambling on sports teams. Nonetheless, with possibilities to gamble on previously banned NBA, NHL, and MLB games, TVG’s owner Betfair may have new channels to open and markets to tackle.

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Joining TGV

To join TGV, you will need to be a 21 years old US resident, and more specifically from one of the legal betting US states for horse betting at TGV. The US friendly states for TGV Betting are:

California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington and Wyoming.

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