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Sports Interaction ( is primarily set up as an online sportsbook and racebook, where sports fans and betting enthusiasts can meet, interact, and do what they like best, place bets on their lucky horse or favorite sports team. This online racebook was established early in 1997 which gives it an advantage in the online gambling scenario. Due to certain gambling restrictions, the racebook is no longer available for U.S. players, however it is still very much Canada, as well as Europe, friendly. With the different kinds of horse races provided, as well as the option to go to the sportsbook, casino, or poker, Sports Interaction has it all.

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Sports Interaction Website

Sports Interaction is a place where the casual bettor and the horse fan can come together and have a great experience while doing what they love most. The online racebook is laid out in a simple and organized fashion. They have all the available racetracks that can be bet on in a general list, which in turn expands to show more specific information about the races at that track. If a bettor wants to place a bet on a horse, they just need to open the Horse Racing tab and go to any of the options available. As to not confuse the users, they black out and make inaccessible the specific races, showing that there are no open bets or activity going on in those sections. As stated before, this is a place for all kinds of bettors to join and interact with each other, where they can use the Game Chat to talk amongst themselves; whether it is about upcoming matches or simply to debate about their teams. They also provide previous statistics and news about upcoming races, information about the tracks, and anything else regarding the world of horse racing.

The website also provides other services such as an online casino and a top notch sportsbook. Some of the more popular sports they have include, but are not limited to, Football, Basketball, Baseball, American Football, and Hockey. The other kinds of sections that a bettor might find appealing are the Boxing/MMA, Motor Racing, even having the Olympics betting as well.

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Horse Racing Betting at SportsInteraction

Anyone that has ever been to or seen something about the Kentucky Derby or any other place for betting on horses, can attest that it is both an amazing thing to see and a rush when they let loose those horses. At Sports Interaction, they have a section designed entirely just for horse race betting. A member can pick what type of horse racing they prefer, whether it is harness or thoroughbred. They provide all of the horse, track, and even provide, the trainer information. They currently have over 85 Canadian and U.S. tracks available. For those that are waiting for the next race to begin can bet on the virtual racing that they provide. Experience the excitement of the racetrack while placing bets on the track favorite or the underdog.

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Sports Interaction Banking and Promotions

In order for members to be able to start placing bets, they need to open an account and deposit funds in first. Sports Interaction has several options in order to provide a safe secure transfer for the new bettors. They can deposit the funds using a Credit Card, check or money order, as well as using a wire transfer and an instant bank transfer. Once they fund their account, not only will they be ready to place bets, but will also receive a bonus that matches 100% up to $200 (special for the Kentucky Derby!); instant playable money that can be placed on any horse race of their choice. After winning certain amounts, bettors can withdraw these funds the same way they deposited them.

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