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When you have been searching online for a reliable website for horse betting, reviews of the Bovada Racebook ( can seem scattered. Part of this reason is that Bovada offers so many services that it is easy to get overwhelmed. If you are looking for any particular angle with online racebooks, Bovada is one of the websites most likely to suit your needs for several good reasons.

What is versus Bovada.LV?

When you go to the page, it seems to be stripped down and missing graphics. Is this a real website?  Instead, this is simply the original Bovada.LV (instead of .com) that is set up for smartphone users. Since the smartphones need to have fewer graphics, Bovada racebook makers decided to offer a savvy way for these users to enjoy betting.

Otherwise, both or Bovada.LV allow users to login, fund their bankrolls, and place wagers on sports, casinos, poker, and horse betting.

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Bovada’s racebook keeps up with the times

Today, it can seem like summer racebooks are in the dark ages to those that use smartphones. There is also the problem that many websites are simply not able to be supported by Mac or Apple computer users. However, Bovada is more than just a web address.

Instead, they have full tech support and want to be a leader in racebook web sites that have the most technology accessible features. Currently, there have been positive reviews from users of the tablet, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and other Windows-based tech.

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When to use Bovada’s racebooks

Naturally, there are many more reasons to use Bovada than their racebooks. Bettors will have currently place wagers on such a large variety of sports that they may not think about horseracing. Despite this, there are certain times of the year that you will find to the bettors moving over to the racebooks.

The main reason is due to the size of the betting pool for the major horse races held each year. Although they are not experience in this side of gambling, every better knows that the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, and the Preakness are profitable ways to win. For this reason, stay alert for promotions, specials, and other deals that Bovada announces in their racebooks.

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Bodog and Bovada racebook connection

If you go to or, you will have a /blocked.jsp in the web address. This is due to some legal trouble with the United States government that led to the closure of four major poker websites. Regardless of the reasons, Bodog decided to cut their losses and focus on other projects.

The result was the rights for the business being bought by The Morris Mohawk Gaming Group (MMGG). As of December 31, 2011, all relationships between MMGG and Bodog are severed. This relationship with Bovada.LV also protected users that formerly had accounts at Bodog. By creating the Bovada website, they were able to transfer all funds that Bodog users lost during the shutdown.

Currently, the MMGG is using a remote gaming license from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission that is used by the Mohawk Native Americans. This means that Bovada is paying closer attention to the rules and now has a United States friendly website.

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How to get started with Bovada

It does not matter if you go to Bovada in order to play poker or use the casino. All of their services including the racebook are offered through their general membership. In addition to a great deal of free services, they also allow you to place real money wagers on their website. In order to do this, you will need to fund your account with a credit card.

To join, you will need to include your phone number and home address. It may seem like a lot of information, but keep in mind that gambling is highly regulated in the United States. For this reason, you need to include all of your details in order to make a cash deposit to the website.

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The advantages of Bovada rebates

Naturally, any website offering a racebook will have their own set of specials. Currently, Bovada is featuring rebates of up to 5% on racebook plays every Tuesday. This means that if you lose all of your wagers, you still stand to gain some of that money back from Bovada.

These are often referred to as cashback or rebates. In particular, they offer 3% back for straight wagers and 5% for exotic wagers; and let’s not forget about their $100 FREE BET!

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Disadvantages of Bovada’s racebook

While Bovada has plenty of opportunities to save money, they also list several catches in the terms. For example, they can change bonus amounts for their promotions. They also require that your account is in good standing in order to get their rebate offers.

Other keys to keep in mind are that you must place a wager for horses through their racebook and not the sportsbook to be eligible for rebates. Finally, watch out for horses that dropped out of the race. If they are scratched, you will not get a wager refund or rebate from Bovada (this trend occurs at most major websites).

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