Quinella Betting for Beginners

If you have mastered the exacta bet, prepare for the freedom of the quinella betting. Instead of being locked in to placing the first and second horse exactly (hence ‘exact’-a), the quinella will give you some breathing room. With a quinella, you just need to pick to horses and hope that both of them places either first or second. Regardless of the simplicity of this system, there are still some aspects of quinella betting that a newcomer will want to explore.

Where is quinella betting at the track?

Depending on where you live, you may soon find that quinella betting is not offered at your local racetrack (and hence why it is best to try out our recommended online racebooks for comfort, options, bonuses, and more).  Part of the reason is that a quinella is similar to a boxed in exacta.  Either a quinella or an exacta means that you pay for the first and second horse to finish in either order; however, with a quinella bet, you sometimes pay less.

How is horseracing betting done?

When you bet against the house in quinella betting, you are often going to wind up with less money. In many cases, all other forms of betting aside from parimutuel betting are illegal. This means that “betting against the house” will not be found in most racetracks in the United States – unless again you try the online racebooks in accordance to your states’ laws.

With pari-mutuel, you are betting against all other bettors that are placing money on this race. In the olden days, this was limited to the number of people at the track. Low numbers of attendance could mean low figures on your returns. Thankfully, today you have larger pools of cash per race for pari-mutuel betting due to the rise of online horseracing websites.

Too close to call

In rare instances, a race will have the first and second horse tied. In this case, your quinella or 2 horse exacta box could be a double winner. Regardless, keep in mind that this has only officially happened a few times. Most of the time, when the race cannot be determined they will use the photographs from the finish line to determine the outcome. More often than not, one finalist is determined.

Which types of quinella races work best?

Generally speaking, when you have more horses in a race, your pay off for quinella betting will be higher. For example, picking the exact two horses that will win a race that has 20 horses is more difficult than one that has 10. In those cases, you are more likely to win the horse race with fewer horses, but will not have a high return on your bet — statistically speaking.

Hitting all the favorites with quinella wheels

If you want a ticket that covers all of the most possible angles, a quinella wheel is usually the right choice. This way, you can have a variety of option for horses finishing first or second. Instead of being stuck with two horses, you can bet up to 7 in some cases. This way, if 2 horses from your quinella wheel win first or second, you can cash out on your ticket.

This also avoids placing the third and fourth winner like you would have to do with a trifecta or superfecta betting option.  It is easy to see that many new gamblers will prefer the quinella wheel betting strategy until they get a better grasp on exotic wagers and understanding the handicapping system. Naturally, you hit more frequently, but take home a lower amount of gain.

Quinella betting where horse is scratched

On occasion, it will happen that the horse is not going to start in the race after all.  If you have placed a bet online or at the track, there is a surprise that can take place. Mainly, if the horse cannot run, the gambling institution you placed your bet with will offer you a substitution or do it for you. More often than not, they will replace it for you with one of the favorites.

Unfortunately, if you do not trust the handicapping at the racetrack, you could wind up with a favorite on your ticket that you do not like. For this reason, if they offer it, select a substitution just in case.

Quadrella has nothing to do with quinella

As a newcomer to online gambling, you can start to see certain uniformity in the terms used.  Despite this, one odd ball is the quadrella ticket. This form of gambling was started in Australia and has a separate set of rules all on its own. Basically, in a quadrella, you bet on each “leg” of the race.

Like the other exotic wagers, you are looking to place a horse in first or second. For example, you can bet on horse 4 to finish first in the first leg of the race, first in the second leg of the race and so on. Altogether, there are four legs to a race to bet on in a quadrella.

Using quinella betting payoff calculators

Needless to say, there are a lot of figures to decipher when it comes to gambling. While you do have a quinella payoff matrix to refer to, it does not necessarily tell you in dollars and cents how much you are going to win. In the past, it was common to learn formulas and rules for understanding the payoffs. Today, most horseracing fans check their betting payoffs with a quinella online calculator or a smartphone app.