Kentucky Derby Date for 2012 and Other VIP Facts

The exact 2012 Kentucky Derby date is part of the grand process of being organized for this important time of year. In addition to marking the ‘X’ on the correct calendar entry, you will also need other time-related facts associated with this event. Important things to know about the 2012 Kentucky Derby date are; when it will be broadcast on television, where you can place a bet for the race, and other 2012 Kentucky Derby date-related areas you should be keeping your eye on.

What date does Kentucky Derby betting begin?

If you love to put money down on a horse for the Kentucky Derby each year, you might be curious about when the betting actually begins. While you can bet on the 2012 Kentucky Derby online at varied times, most people will wait until the week of the race to determine which horse will win. In other words, the best time to bet on the Kentucky Derby is between April 28 and May 5, 2012.

However, do not wait too long to place your bet on May 5. After all, you cannot place a bet after the Kentucky Derby race has ended.

Confusing 2012 Kentucky Derby betting dates

In addition to other games associated with the Derby, one is open in three separate dates. These three dates are called the “Kentucky Derby Future Wager”. This is not the official Kentucky Derby betting options where you can place a straight win, superfecta, or exacta bet. Instead, this is a separate game set up for the Kentucky Derby by Churchill Downs – and it is not associated with traditional betting.

The dates for the 2012 Kentucky Derby game are February 10-12, March 2-4, and March 30 – April 1. If you do decide to play this game, keep in mind that the takeout is a staggering 19%. On an online Kentucky Derby betting website, you are gambling with the same betting pool associated with Churchill Downs, but you are only dealing with a smaller 2-12 percent takeout from your winnings.

What time does the 2012 Kentucky Derby begin?

If you are in news broadcasting and want to cover a sport, the sequence of the events is very well defined. You show up, you start at a certain time, you finish filming, and you go home. This does not apply to the Kentucky Derby. Each year, extra footage is put together in anticipation that the race will be delayed.

Since this is outdoors, in Louisville, and in early May, there is a probability that it will be raining. If this is the case, the race can be pushed all the way to 6 p.m. In other words, you must begin to watch for Kentucky Derby coverage around 10 a.m. EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Kentucky Derby contenders dates

Long before the Kentucky Derby begins on May 5, 2012, there are several news agencies posting an article with the same repeated title. This information is the constantly updated list of contenders for the Kentucky Derby. In simple terms, as it gets closer to the official Kentucky Derby date, there are some horses that are taken off the list of possible horses running in the race.

There are also a variety of statistics and videos to review in association with the Kentucky Derby contenders. Altogether, they help horseracing fans keep up with all the important racing dates and performances in order to predict who will win the 2012 Kentucky Derby.

Double check dates for a Kentucky Derby party

Outside of Louisville, Kentucky, there are a multitude of Kentucky Derby parties that are held around May 5, 2012. In general, these parties emulate what is actually happening at Churchill Downs. Traditionally, at a Kentucky Derby party in Louisville, everyone is standing around waiting for the race to begin on television. Lucky attendants of the race at Churchill Downs are doing the same thing – they are standing around waiting for the race to actually happen.

Regardless of the date for the Kentucky Derby, a party related to the Derby could happen at any time. In these cases, you will need to check the calendar to make sure there is not a conflict. Due to the fact that many Kentucky Derby parties inside or outside of Louisville are fundraising events, they may choose to have their Kentucky Derby party before or after the actual date for the official 2012 Kentucky Derby.

Posting dates for Kentucky Derby winners

Some of us have to work all day on this important racing day. If you are unable to watch the 2012 Kentucky Derby live on television, you are likely to try and find out who won. Thankfully, most newspapers will have a posting the same date as the Kentucky Derby. This means that within minutes of the finish, an article with the May 5, 2012 Kentucky Derby winners will be published.

Checking dates on Kentucky Derby tickets

In the past, there are some bad luck stories that float around the Louisville, Kentucky community concerning dates and Kentucky Derby tickets. Mainly, old horse racing fans will tell you that you should always look at the tickets the minute you get them to check and make sure you do not have Oaks tickets.

The 2012 Kentucky Oaks is on May 4 this year — and it will not be the first time that someone managed to get the wrong tickets. As soon as you purchase them, check to see if the date is May 5, 2012. If it is, you are on your way to watching the Kentucky Derby.

Published On Apr 1, 2012