Top 2011 Kentucky Derby Winners References

Long after it ends, sports historians, trivia lovers, and fans anticipating the upcoming race will search online for 2011 Kentucky Derby winners information. While it may seem like a topic that is self-contained to a short period of time, the reality is that there are many references to this topic that might surprise you. For this reason, beginners and annual Derby-goers alike will love these references to Kentucky Derby winners and their online trends.

Barebones facts about Kentucky Derby winners

All other references aside, the basic information about the official 2011 Kentucky Derby winners can be quite extensive. The most common fact that you will need to know is that the winning horse for that year was named Animal Kingdom.

On pages detailing the statistics from the Kentucky Derby, you will also notice that they list the horse’s father or sire. In this case, Animal Kingdom was sired by Leroidesanimaux (from the French “Le Roi Des Animaux” or “King of Beasts”).

The trainers are also noteworthy and commonly have more than one horse in the Kentucky Derby. For the 137th race, the horse trainer with the winning horse was Graham Motion. Finally, Animal Kingdom was ridden by jockey John Velazquez.

The other winners that day were Nehro (second), Mucho Macho Man (third), Shackleford, and Master of Hounds.

2011 Kentucky Derby Winners payouts

When conducting an online search for Kentucky Derby winners from 2011, most people will be looking to see how much money bettors won that year. In general, this is referred to as the payouts and they are listed for win, place, and show wagers.

For example, if you bet $1.00 on Animal Kingdom, you would have won $43.80. If you had also placed a one-dollar bet to place and show, you would have added $19.60 (place) and $13.00 (show). Altogether, a win, place, and show for Animal Kingdom at the 2011 Kentucky Derby would have brought in $76.40.

Exotic payouts for 2011 Kentucky Derby winners

When you are a beginner, you often will place the easier types of wagers such as win, place, and show. Once you are more advanced, you will join the ranks of other horse bettors that need to examine the exotic betting payouts for particular games.

Revisiting this information helps establish what kind payouts to expect for 2012. This payout, of course, is comprised of everyone in the world that is betting on the Kentucky Derby. Each payout is a piece of this pool of money.

When you see the potential for winning over $300, it reminds you to sharpen your handicapping skills. Exotic payouts from the 2011 Kentucky Derby winners included $393.00 for the daily double and $329.80 for the exacta.

Biggest payouts for the 2011 Kentucky Derby

Winning $75 to $300 is great when you only placed a few dollars on the bets. On the other hand, taking home almost $50,000 on the 2011 Kentucky Derby winners is great too. In order to earn a larger jackpot, understanding the advanced exotic wagers is necessary. In 2011, bettors gathered $3,952.40 from the trifecta, $4,738.20 from the pick-3, $24,584.40 from the pick-4, and a whopping $48,126.00 from the superfecta.

The 2011 Kentucky Derby Winners Circle

When it comes to searching online for the Kentucky Derby, there are many people that will search for the winners circle videos. For newcomers to the race, the winner’s circle is the presentation where the winning horse, the jockey, the owner, and the trainer pose for the photographers.

Each Class I Thoroughbred race has their own flower tradition and the Derby’s is the red rose.  In addition to the bright colors that the jockeys wear, there is always the stunning display of hundreds of these red roses. A giant wreath of these roses is placed around the horse’s neck and everyone holds bouquets of them for the photographers.

For locals, the trick for the 2011 Kentucky Derby was to find a way to get into the exclusive Winners Circle Party. Security is tough for this post-Derby event, but there are ways to get invited that only a seasoned local would know about. If you search online for the official 2011 Kentucky Derby Winners Circle Party, you will soon learn that these parties are so exclusive that they are not public.

Other types of Kentucky Derby Winners

Anyone that has not attended a Kentucky Derby may not be aware that this is actually a festival. For three weeks before the race, the city of Louisville, Kentucky is overwhelmed with fireworks, parades, and contests. For example, Kentucky Derby winners can include models. A popular annual event, young women join fashion shows and win modeling auditions in other cities along with prizes.

2011 Kentucky Derby Winners merchandise

For many horse bettors, the Kentucky Derby is their favorite event of the year. Just like the Super Bowl, there is plenty of Merchandise being sold that features 2011 Kentucky Derby winners. Unfortunately, if you do not purchase it early you will soon find that there are many “sold out” notices.

For instance, a popular choice in Louisville, Kentucky includes the bright orange 2011 Kentucky Derby Winners t-shirt. Once it is sold out for the season, the sales for that item are officially over. Just like other athletic apparel, Churchill Downs has licensing for all of its trademarked contracts.

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Published On Mar 27, 2012