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Millionaires Row

Pricing starts at $5,000

Luxury is the tone of the premier seats found at Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby and it is found brimming at Millionaires Row. Movie stars, queens, and corporate elites all gather in this box to view the winning moments of the race from the best viewpoint in the racetrack.

With these quarters comes other high-end expectations including service and gourmet food. Only the best wines and liquor will be served and you can be guaranteed a wide range of free amenities. Rub elbows with the rich and famous from the viewing perch and place your wagers from inside Millionaires Row. Due to the high quality shown during Derby Day, the only thing you and your guests will need to do is relax.

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Turf Club

Pricing starts at $4,700

While the ultra elite of the world will gather at the Millionaires Row, the rest of the celebrity world is housed in the Turf Club. If you have a favorite pop star or athlete, chances are that they will be in this highly secured area. The idea of the Turf Club is that you will never need to leave the area.

All of your gourmet meals, top shelf alcohol, and wait staff will be at your service. There is also an area for self-service wagering for avoiding crowds and lines to place bets.

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Trophy Room

Pricing starts at $4,400

If you want the best view of the race with prime services, it is said that the Trophy Room is the place to be. Like the other luxury seating areas, the Trophy Room has food prepared by gourmet chefs, self-service wagering stations, and high quality wait staff.

During the day while you wait for the Kentucky Derby begin, you can view the Paddock areas of Churchill Downs where the horses are getting prepared for the race. This entertainment is complete with fellow spectators from the upper echelons of society.

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Triple Crown Room

Pricing starts at $4,100

The breathtaking two story ceilings in the Triple Crown Room will not be your only photo opportunity. Instead, this luxurious seating area is also within view of the last stretch of the race. Located in the Jockey Club, there are several viewing areas in addition to big screens broadcasting the Kentucky Derby.

High up in the air, you will have all the luxuries on the fifth floor that you have in Millionaire’s Row. This includes the chance to place wagers without dealing with lines and crowds, first class service, and plenty of fine dining.

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Clubhouse – Gold

Pricing starts at $3,700

If your moment of anticipation is a view of the finish line, the Clubhouse Gold seating is right for you. The chance of seeing a celebrity jockey is likely here and the luxurious food and beverage options prevail. VIP entrances mean that your chances of meeting your favorite celebrity are likely.

Although it costs less than the Millionaires Row or Trophy Room options, all of the amenities are contained in the Clubhouse Gold ticket price. You can still count on a temperature-controlled environment, self-service betting kiosks, and staged entertainment.

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Clubhouse – Mint

Pricing starts at $3,100

A gourmet buffet line and your choice of top-end alcohol at the self-service bar are only two of the reasons that ticket holders anticipate the Clubhouse Mint option. Within the controlled climate room, you will still have the chance to meet celebrities while you watch the race on the big screen.

During your day at the Derby, you can stand in the viewing area to watch the action from the 16th pole. Your bets for your day at the Clubhouse Mint can easily be placed with one of the nearby kiosks and high quality Churchill Downs service staff are on hand at all times.

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Clubhouse – Purple

Pricing starts at $2,300

If you like a bit of sunshine with your Kentucky Derby, consider seating with the Clubhouse Purple ticket. This selection offers covered and uncovered sections with similar amenities to Millionaire’s Row. Included is the elevated seats for viewing the Finish Line as well as options for the 16th pole.

The not covered and under cover options with the Clubhouse Purple ticket all include access to a climate controlled area with luxury options. This includes a bar, wagering areas, premium liquors and wines, and a chance to meet celebrities.

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Clubhouse – Brown

Pricing starts at $1,900

Having a glorious view of the finish line is not limited to the higher priced tickets at Churchill Downs. The Clubhouse Brown option easily places you in one of the best Finish Line views and has similar offerings that denote the luxurious possibilities of the Kentucky Derby.

While you are waiting for the race, you can observe VIP entrances, place your wager without standing in long lines, and enjoy some of the best food and beverage service in the world. Despite the weather outside, inside the Clubhouse Brown venue area you will find the climate control is top notch.

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Clubhouse – Pink

Pricing starts at $1,500

With the Clubhouse Pink ticket for the Kentucky Derby, you can expect to see celebrities arriving in VIP entrances. Located immediately after the Finish Line, there is still a great view of the race. You can also watch the horses from the coverage on big screen TVs.

If you decide you do not like the uncovered grandstands, the Grandstand Pink option has temperature-controlled indoor venue space. While you are inside, you have a chance to meet celebrity jockeys, wager at betting kiosks, and enjoy gourmet food service.

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Clubhouse – Yellow

Pricing starts at $1,100

If you have purchased the Clubhouse Yellow ticket in the past, you may have missed out on the new venue space. Although the seating is in the not covered area of the track, there is access to an indoor climate controlled area. There, you can eat top quality food prepared by chefs, view the celebrity entrances, and meet jockeys.

Do not be worried about the viewpoint of the race with the Clubhouse Yellow option. Instead, you will be able to take plenty of vantage point photos as the horses circle the track.

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Grandstand – Orange SOLD OUT

Pricing starts at $250

Grandstand Orange tickets are the perfect choice for viewing the race across from the 8th pole. You will be able to take photos of the final stretch and access the indoor venue spaces. Inside, you can watch the race via simulcast TV and see some of the world’s most famous socialites and celebrities. From these facilities, you can place wagers on the Kentucky Derby from self-service kiosks.

Of course, like other higher-priced tickets for the day include the finest food and wine for the premiere event of the year.

Grandstand – Red SOLD OUT

Pricing starts at $150

For great photos of the starting line and the final stretch without paying for a high priced ticket, the Grandstand Red is right for you. Many of the seats are under cover and all of the seating gains you access to the indoor venue. When the sun beats down on you, take a break in a temperature-controlled environment complete with your favorite drink.

You can place a wager at a kiosk and watch the coverage of the race on the air. As you sit and dine on gourmet options, you can expect entrances made by Churchill Downs VIPs visiting the Kentucky Derby.

Grandstand – Green SOLD OUT

Pricing starts at $130

Across from the 8th pole, you will have a boosted view of the final stretch and the starting line of the race. While these sections are not covered, your access to the main facility offers a wide selection of services. You will be able to place bets, watch news coverage of the Kentucky Derby, and see celebrities arriving at Churchill Downs. Most importantly, you will sip on the finest Mint Juleps and select from the most delectable menu items in Louisville.

Kentucky Oaks ONLY Packages

Pricing starts at $130

Each Kentucky Derby contains an important component the day before called the Oaks Day race. While the fillies run for the lilies, you will be able to watch from a variety of seating locations for a reduced price. The tickets may have a lower cost, but the amenities are the signature luxury that you can expect from Churchill Downs.

Kentucky Oaks Race Day Only Packages

  • Trophy Room Oaks ONLY – Pricing starts at $800
  • Mint Clubhouse Oaks ONLY – Pricing starts at $500
  • Orange Grandstand Oaks ONLY – Pricing starts at $250
  • Red Grandstand Oaks ONLY – Pricing starts at $150
  • Yellow Clubhouse Oaks ONLY – Pricing starts at $150
  • Green Grandstand Oaks ONLY – Pricing starts at $130

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Pricing starts at $25

Although there are few formal seating areas, you are allowed to bring your own folding chairs to the Infield. Located at the very center of the race track at Churchill Downs, you will be mingling with thousands of other fans that are there at this special opening of the Infield.

When you need a break from the Mardi Gras spirit of the Infield, you can explore the rest of Churchill Downs. You will have plenty of chances to mingle during the day before the race and visit the indoor facilities. There are also standing room only options for this general admission Kentucky Derby ticket.

Just like ticket holders to the Grandstand and the Club Houses, you will be able to buy food and drinks, place a bet, and meet the finest dressed citizens of the world.

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Published On Jan 1, 2012